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Scenario - Your girl is burping queen and embraces your fetish, do you want her to burp when she's out in public with u?

General discussion of the burping fetish.
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Scenario - Your girl is burping queen and embraces your fetish, do you want her to burp when she's out in public with u?

Post by Omnius » 25 Jan 2018, 00:17

So this is just a scenario I've been wondering about.

Let's say you get a super hot girlfriend, the girl of your dreams. She does the exact type of burps you love naturally and even on command if you ask her nicely. She embraces your fetish and absolutely enjoys burping for you, going the extra effort to make even her natural burps sound and look exactly the way you like.

OK so the question is, when you're out in public with her, visiting your family, friends or just out in town, what is the policy for burping? She is a frequent natural burper and can't make herself stop, but she knows how to do closed mouth burps very well and can be extremely discreet if you want her to. Although she has no issues just doing her usual loud, deep, sexy burps and gives absolutely no fucks what people think of her, she only cares what you think and she doesn't want you to feel awkward because of her burps and the effects they might have on you while you are in public or with friends or relatives.

So do you tell her it's ok and she can just burp as per usual even if you're in public or around people? Or do you ask her to be discreet? Bare in mind if you tell her she can burp as per usual, she won't hold back, you are almost never going to know when she's about to do one, they will be the kind of burps that a normal person would almost certainly find gross, she will still say excuse me. And she will expect you to defend her (and her burps) if anyone calls her out on them or calls her gross, impolite, disgusting etc.

I think I would say go ahead and let rip my darling. I would probably definitely find it a turn on if she burped around my friends, other girls especially. Random strangers I'm not concerned about at all, they can mind their business. The only time I might be slightly apprehensive is around my family, they are fairly modest burpers and I don't burp ever at all so I wonder what they would think if I bought home a girl who unashamedly out burped my dad and brother without any effort. I doubt they would say anything to her but I almost guarantee at least my mum would hit me up in private and ask what the deal is with my new girlfriends constant burping. Haha makes for an awkward conversation anyway.

So girlfriend who burps her sexy burps in public when shes with you, yay? Or nay?
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Re: Scenario - Your girl is burping queen and embraces your fetish, do you want her to burp when she's out in public wit

Post by HicBurpLover22 » 25 Jan 2018, 07:16

For me, I would much have it be our little secret between eachother. Makes it so when she would actually burp for me feel more special. I don't know about everybody else, but the thought of hearing your love burp in public KNOWING what it does to me would honestly make me feel awkward.

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Re: Scenario - Your girl is burping queen and embraces your fetish, do you want her to burp when she's out in public wit

Post by xerovore » 25 Jan 2018, 17:52

I'll preface this with the statement that I don't find ownership in relationship so I don't quite align with the "your ___" stuff, or the concept that this is primarily my choice instead of hers as she's the person most impacted by the social ramifications of this decision.

That stated, I don't mind my romance being out in the open and would totally adore women I'm romantically connected with belching like goddesses in public. I'd love to add some additional wonderful elements to manifest for this situation however. I would love for her to have the eloquence and articulation to be able to effectively communicate why not only is letting out behemoth eruptions not terrible, but an active embrace of freedom. I'd love to mutually evangelize with her for the wonders of belching. I'm not closeted about my sexuality much so being comfortable with engaging in intimately satisfying acts in more situations is exciting for me. My preference is if something is good, it should be shared with the world, and a fantastic belch is no exception.

Thank you for asking this question.

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