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Help with this

Post by Briandeed » 22 Nov 2017, 18:21

Has anyone of you ever had gas pain in the stomach? How does it feel like and how did you get rid of it?

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Re: Help with this

Post by Goodmother » 24 Nov 2017, 06:33

Oh, please Brian don't make me remember that ugly experience. I ate beans because it was delicious, forgetting that my system does not tolerate gluten. And then the pain started in the middle of nowhere.You will feel this jabbing pain in your abdomen. Another sign is tightness or swelling in your abdomen too. The best thing is to avoid foods that are high in gluten. And trust me, after making research and knowing how to get rid of gas pain, I have never had the pain for years now.

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Re: Help with this

Post by sub_2 » 14 Feb 2018, 20:28

Hey dude, i once had a pain in my stomach after eating wsy to many tacos with hot sauce.

I had to lie on my front with my buttocks in the air and kneeling on my knees and forced out a mega fart...

I wish i had videod / recorded the noise as undoubtebly some of the contributors on our forum wpuld have enjoyed it.

Hehehehe keep on burping

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