(Not) wiping your arse....

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(Not) wiping your arse....

Post by sub_2 » 14 Feb 2018, 20:17

Hey dudes and burp board forum contributors.

Slightly off topic, but one of my fantasies none the less.

I just wonedered if anyone (like me) enjoyed the feeling of taking a dump and not wiping your anus? I find the feeling rather empowering and also i find it helps to reduce my carbon footprint by not wasting paper (environment). The feeling is wet and sqelchy, and smooth around the rectum but sometimes problems occur when clumps become entangled into hairs. Would i be correct in assuming that this is a male issue?
I just like to pull up.my pants and carry on with my day then throw any soiled underpants into my washing machine (whirlpool) and wash off daily in the tub.

I also like the smell and find it funny that people always suggest work colleauges have farted down at my local cycle shack.

Hopefully no one will judge me over this quirky fetish i have, as it takes me a lot of courage to share thus information with like minded fetishests. As i said i find it both enchanting and empowering and a great way to preserve d plannet.

Thanks dude and keep on burping

(Please no flaming)

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