Weird Fairy Tales

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Weird Fairy Tales

Post by rockysavannah » 15 Oct 2017, 06:37

So, I was assigned to read a book about French fairy tales for my college history class, called "The Great Cat Massacre", and I found something interesting.

In eighteenth-century France, peasants would tell the original version of "Little Red Riding Hood", where a girl is told by her mother to bring some bread and milk to her grandmother. As the girl is walking through the forest, a wolf comes up to her and asks where she is going.
"To grandmother's house," she replies.
"Which path are you taking, the path of the pins or the path of the needles?"
"The path of the needles."
So the wolf takes the path she of the pins and arrives first at the house. He kills grandmother, pours her blood into a bottle, and slices her flesh onto a platter. Then he gets into her nightclothes and waits in bed.

"Knock, knock."
"Come in, my dear."
"Hello, grandmother. I've brought you some bread and milk."
"Have something yourself, my dear. There is meat and wine in the pantry."
So the little girl eats what is offered; and as she does, a little cat says, "Slut! To eat the flesh and drink the blood of your grandmother!"
Then the wolf says, "Undress and get into bed with me."
"Where shall I put my apron?"
"Throw it on the fire; you won't need it any more."
For each garment - bodice, skirt, petticoat, and stockings - the girl asks the same question and each time the wolf answers, "Throw it on the fire; you won't need it any more."
When the girl gets in bed, she says, "Oh, grandmother! How hairy you are!"
"It's to keep me warmer, my dear."
"Oh, grandmother! What big shoulders you have!"
"It's for better carrying firewood, my dear."
"Oh, grandmother! What long nails you have!"
"It's for scratching myself better, my dear."
"Oh, grandmother! What big teeth you have!"
"It's for eating you better, my dear."
And he ate her.

There's also a version of Cinderella told by peasants in early modern France called "La Petite Annette". In it, the "Cinderella" stand-in, Annette, is fed only a crust of bread a day by her stepmother, who also makes her keep the sheep, while her fat and indolent stepsisters lounge around the house and dine on mutton, leaving their dishes for Annette to wash upon her return from the fields. Annette is about to die of starvation, when the Virgin Mary appears and gives her a Magic wand, which produces a magnificent feast whenever Annette touches it to a black sheep. Before long the girl is plumper than her stepsisters. But her new beauty - and fatness made for beauty under the Old Regime as in many primitive societies - arouses the stepmother's suspicions. By a ruse, the stepmother discovers the magic sheep, kills it, and serves its liver to Annette. Annette manages to bury the lover secretly and it grows into a tree, which is so high that no one can pick its fruit, except Annette; for it bends its branches down to her whenever she approaches. A passing prince (who is as gluttonous as everyone else in the country) wants the fruit so badly that he promises to marry the maiden who can pick some for him. Hoping to make a match for one of her daughters, the stepmother builds a huge ladder. But when she tries it out, she falls and breaks her neck. Annette then gathers the fruit, marries the prince, and lives happily ever after.

Yet another French fairy tale, a ghost story named "La Goulue", concerns a peasant girl who insists on eating meat everyday - In a society of de facto vegetarians, the luxury of luxuries for the peasants of France in the 1300 to 1700s was to sink one's teeth into a side of mutton, pork, or beef. Unable to satisfy this extraordinary craving, her parents serve her a leg they have cut off a newly bruised corpse. On the next day, the corpse appears before the girl in the kitchen. It orders her to wash its right leg, then it's left leg. When she sees that the left leg is missing, it screams, "You ate it." Then it carries her back to the grave and devours her.

I bring this up because I believe that any of these relatively obscure stories could be used and applied for different fetishes, like vore/stuffing/etc. So, if anyone wants to use these tales as such, then go ahead.

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Re: Weird Fairy Tales

Post by SpasticSpecter154 » 16 Oct 2017, 02:24

Fetish, no, but "La Goulue" is perfect for Halloween.

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