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Journey for the Belching Camguys

Talk about burping videos for sale in here.
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Journey for the Belching Camguys

Post by BelchingFetish101 » 06 May 2016, 02:19

The hunt is on! :ymcowboy:

Over the past few months I had been thinking, how many burpers are out there? How many people willing to do our fetish for money. So I took it upon myself to spend the time, (and money :facepalm: ) to find some of these burpers! I have compiled a small list, and hope to continue adding on to it if I come across more money over the summer. Until that time, enjoy what I have to offer! :D

Before I continue I should go over the scale I will be using for this thread. Based on the men I have seen I can safely categorize the men into a 3 star category.

* * * is very good at burping. This is NOT as good as Steff or Yanagi, but on par with someone like... CrunkyHD from youtube. This man will be able to burp any word of your choosing effortlessly. (Why words? I find that those who can burp words are talented enough to do quite a bit. Its not just words, it shows a skill level.) (Loud burps can last 1 - 3 seconds)

* * Is good. This man will be able to burp words but he will struggle. He can make loud burps on command and as many as you may want but he has a hard time sustaining the burp. (Burps are typically 1 second but loud.) An example of this man would be PowerBlue.

* is meh. I will not even bother including these men most of the time unless they are VERY hot. This is about comparable with with most muscle guys we have. They can burp on command, you get a few loud ones here and there and a lot of burps that just aren't what we want.

Now that you know the scale, let's get to the guys! :D
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Re: Journey for the Belching Camguys

Post by BelchingFetish101 » 06 May 2016, 03:10

Stars = * * *


Upon sifting through many many models, I came across an attractive young man who went by the name VikkMoreau. This man was not large or tall, but he had a very handsome face. When he pulled his hair back, from the strange side cut he sported, it unmasked a man who was even more attractive than his picture let on. He was not very busy, as are most men who are not jacked. He gave me a warm greeting when I entered his channel and had such a lovely smile. His body was thin, his abs were prominent and his pecs, although smaller than most men's, were large enough to play with. In fact he could bounce them quite well but that is another story! :ymblushing:

His demeanor was punk. He was not frilly or overly masculine. Just ... punk. Although his English vocabulary was small, he enjoyed the words "Fuck you" aided by his middle finger in a sort of comical/offensive bout. Aggressive but still kind.

He was toying with his phone when I started by asking the question I ask all models, "Are you able to burp on command?"

He replied with a very... exciting answer... Now you should know I get many answers from models. I get, "Yes bb of course buy a show!", and "I think so!", oh and I rather like the flat out, "No." or "Not a chance." But his answer... His answer I will remember for years to come.

He smirked and then began typing. He said, "Can I? I've won every burping contest with every friend I have ever had. I won a medal at camp for a belching contest when I was a child where I crushed the competition. Come private bb, you won't be disappointed, I promise." Now I was skeptical. Despite his colourful story many men have told me they are able to belch. And... many times I have been disappointed. But I had to try. After all, I never received such a response, it was very... enticing...

I shuffled to my laptop and grabbed my wallet. Quickly I got my payment together. I decided in my head I would buy a short sample of what he could do. I rushed to my laptop explaining to myself that this will be just like the others. I figured I would buy a minute, he would give me a sub-par burp, and then I would have to explain, nicely as always, why I am not interested in buying more time. I almost wanted him to be bad, as I could keep my money, which I do not have much of! As I hit the private button, to my surprise, he started swallowing air.

He asked me in sloppy english, "What is your name?"

To which I replied, "Christopher".

A few more gulps later, he belched out my name, very loudly... He swallowed more air and continued to let loose a flurry of belching. Each one he stopped for a bit to laugh hysterically but I didn't mind. I mean our fetish is funny, I understand, harmless but funny. The situation was exacerbated when several other models overheard the loud belching and said something in Russian that I could not understand. There are sometimes, however, when you can tell the meaning of a foreign sentence without actually understanding the words. You see the expressions and tone of voice and you know. If this is true then I know exactly what they said and it went something like this, "Damn! What the hell man!". His laughing lightened the awkward moment. I would have rather he been in private instead of a model house but... there was something exciting about the awe he was garnering from those around him.

This guy was the best belcher I have bought from on the camera guy experience. Although he is not on par with Yanagi or Steff, he is easily a three star model.

A caveat, however. Sadly although this man was the best burper I have come across, he was expensive. and I mean EXPENSIVE! I will have to check prices, his show was about 1.79 credits a minute which is rougly 2-3 $ a minute. If only that is where the price ended. This man is the ONLY burper that has requested, no, demanded a tip for his burping. I was somewhat frustrated because it was so easy for him and I have had burpers that were very talented themselves and didn't care how many times they did it in the time duration. The price he demands is a $50 tip. included with the $2-3 per minute show. Of course I didn't have the money to do this, so I got quaint burp show and he gave me a bit of his continuous belching at the very end. Oh how I wished I was wealthy... He swallows the air in gulping motions to belch, and each one he does is loud. VERY attractive.

One more caveat. His English is poor. The other two models I will write about were South American but could speak almost fluently and understand just about any thing I asked for. This man did not. Despite his talent, describing what I wanted was a challenge sometimes.

PS: If anyone does get a show with this guy and if they record, maybe share with me! :D I would love to see what he can really do and going through these models really bankrupted me :( This series was fun and I will try to continue it. I have gotten pretty good at finding burpers now. I will write about the other ones later this week but this guy HAD to be put up now :x

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