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Brad Borrelli Fetish Clips / Custom Content

Talk about burping videos for sale in here.
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Brad Borrelli Fetish Clips / Custom Content

Post by BradBorrelliXXX » 16 Jun 2017, 22:29

Hey, Hope you all are having a wonderful day.
I just recently discovered this fetish and started producing videos for you all. They can be found here at http://www.BradBorrelliXXX.com .
Was wondering if there is anything specific that gets you off. Im trying to understand this fetish more so I can better my
Videos for you all. Feel free to reply here or my twitter http://www.twitter.com/BradBorrelliXXX .
I also have a section on my site for custom video orders as well.
look forward to hearing from you all.

Brad Borrelli

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Re: Brad Borrelli Fetish Clips / Custom Content

Post by MrMidnight » 02 Aug 2017, 04:27

Hi there! Big fan of yours! Just would let you know that Burp Domination is quite popular as far as this fetish goes :) There's such a big market and as far as I have seen there are just no MALE videos concerning it DX

A school bully/geek scenario I think would work best, tying someone to a chair and then burping in their face/ears/all over them as they squirm... :) Just an idea :)

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