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Finding CamShow Burpers

Talk about burping videos for sale in here.
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Finding CamShow Burpers

Post by burpinboter » 19 Jun 2017, 00:42

I got a few requests as to how to find good Camshow burpers. I'll put what I do below.

If you are not careful, you will waste a lot of money and time. These are the steps I have built in order to find models that are able to belch on command. These were built from years of experience and lots of wasted money. Try to follow these rules, and you will protect yourself.

So the first few steps are for people with no up front money. If money is an item for you, and you have to spare it then follow these steps and skip the PURCHASE phase. If you have some money to throw around, follow these steps and the ones under PURCHASE phase. The more money you have, the deeper your searches will go.


1) Be patient, the process takes a while. You won't find an amazing burper right off the bat. I mean I guess it's possible, but pretty damn unlikely...

2) I like to open multiple tabs and test out different models at the same time. You have to adjust the volume but it allows you to post the introduction, down below, and move around in between channels to listen if some random guy decides to burp for you right after the request, (it does happen but it's rare)

3) When I find a model I want to pursue, I mute all of the other ones and put sole attention on that one guy. Then I do the below.

4) Pick rooms that have fewer people. The emptier the room, the more attention you get and the more desperate the model is to sell a show. Usually they will try a lot of things to make you happy enough to buy. Likewise, you don't have the obnoxious fools in the comment sections going, "Ewww why are you requesting that?! Don't do that please I don't want to see you burp!" Most models don't care if they burp for money, but most people in the chat room also looking for a show will insult you especially if the room has more people. I like to poke back at them, but you can honestly just ignore them. They really aren't important, most of them don't pay anyway...


1) Be bold. Do not be afraid to ask models for burping. I rarely ever get men that are digusted by request. Although there are a few, the gross majority of the men I find on any site are more than willing to belch on command for you for the right price. Getting them to do it is not the problem, finding ones that are good is.

2) Be friendly. The more friendly you are, the better. Even though most men will accommodate you, a friendly, positive voice is far more likely to get a model to actually try than someone who is short and cold. Still be direct, but just be nice about it.

3) Pick a good welcoming phrase. I use "Hey there! :) I am looking to buy a show from a man that is able to burp on purpose! :D"
This is why this phrase is so good. First, (Hey there! :) ) you are coming off as friendly which is a great way to start. Second, (looking to buy a show) you should always mention "pay/money/something" that you can and will give them if they are going to do it. It is your bait and the reason they will listen to you. And lastly, ("burp on purpose"). This one is less clear. It leads into step 4,

4) Use phrases that are extremely general. "Burp on purpose" is something that can easily be run through a translator and will tell the model the meaning of what you want. Most of these guys are from Eastern Europe or South America, so you have to use general phrases that are easy to understand.
"Burp on command" has some problems because command may not translate to different languages with the same meaning as with English. Just be careful.

Chances are if the man is ignoring your request, it's not that he is disgusted, it is that he genuinely does not understand what you are asking for and ignores it because it is some foreign word.

Sometimes they are lazy and absolutely will not look up your phrase to translate it. It seems like they are completely ignoring you. Then you do this.

"Excuse me, what is your first langauge?"
"I want to translate for you!"
"I want... ragait! :D"
*laughs* "Yes bb. I can do that, easy for me."

This situation can happen about 15% of the time so be prepared to make some translations. Sometimes you have to try several of them because google for some reason decides to support the word "Burp" and then decides against it month to month... >:(

Okay, so about 85% of the guys you ask will actively belch on command for you. Of the 15% that won't, 10% of those will truthfully tell you they are unable to burp, 3% will ignore you and 2% will give you a "That's disgusting, go away." But that is still a lot of guys, and now comes the filtration process. This is by no means perfect, but after doing this for years and spending lots of money... it is about as good as I could get it.

1) Don't pay unless you are sure. I am a college student with little money. This step is crucial to me. Don't get in over your head and think to yourself "Oh my god, he is so hot and probably so good at burping because he says he can" They aren't. Probably only 5% of the 85% are decent belchers. The rest, sadly, are terrible at it. Be tight with your money.

2) Ask if they can burp on command or ask if they need soda to burp on command. Most will say they don't need soda, but this lets you filter out some of the guys. Usually you don't have to translate this phrase, if they know you're talking about burping, most of them are able to piece together what you want and can figure it out. Obviously if they need soda, move on.

If they say yes they are able to burp on command WITHOUT soda, strike up a conversation about their burping. If they tell you a past story about their burping, for instance "I won awards for burping when I was a kid", "I scare people with my burps", "I have been burping for years" then I usually jump to the purchase phase to test them out.

If you are lucky they will give you a sample. The guys that give a strong sample are almost always sure things. Not many guys will do this. Don't expect them to give you a burp sample because more than often they won't. If they do give me a sample, then I jump to the buying phase.

3) Ask if they are able to burp words. This is where we start to filter the majority down. The phrases below are phrases that mean, move on.
"No, but I can try" - Every time I did this, it ended horribly. Don't do it. If there is "try" in any part of the sentence on step 3, you will know they can't burp.
"No" - That makes it easy. Move on.

To challenge them I ask what kind of words they can burp. If they can burp sentences or multiple syllable words, oh damn, jump to buy phase.

4) This is the last resort. If you are really confused as to whether or not to spend money on them. I like to ask if they would be able to burp the alphabet. Most that got through step 3 will be say they can. At this point I like to ask them how many burps do they need to complete the alphabet. If it is impressive, 2-3, I get super horny, if its I don't know but I can do multiple letters, then I will probably jump to purchase stage...

NOTE: Sometimes the channel will have no sound, at least in CameraBoys. Simply tell the model there is no sound and usually they will re-log for you. If they have no sound, obviously move on.

Purchase Stage:
Start the initial request with, "Okay, I am going to buy a show, when I start it give me the biggest burp you can." They will agree and then you start.
Never stay in private more than a minute on a guy that says he can burp and doesn't. If they can't burp for you in a minute, either they suck at it or they are trying to rip you off and take your money. When you start the show, they start to take money on every second you give them. So be quick on the testing phase. I usually cut the private show if they don't burp immediately. If they are building up and I'm 10 seconds in I'll wait, but if the build up takes more than 20-30 seconds, I'm out. At that point I know they aren't able to belch on command like I want. So make sure you know what you are looking for at the start.

Sometimes men will request that you pay them tips ALONG with the payment for the show. It happens. This has happened to me a few times. Either they are really hot, or they are really good at it... I usually don't tip because I don't have that much money. It is rare for this request to happen, if it does, tell them to make their biggest burp in private with you and then decide whether or not you want to tip them to continue. You should not tip them up front without them giving you a sample.

Build a lasting relationship. Give the forum their accounts, try to get them customers. Come back to them. Many of the burpers I liked I went back to, and instantly they started belching as soon as I got into the room and laughing about it. Without me even paying. It was very erotic.

Follow these steps and it will help you save money and time when looking for men to do camshows with. I have to warn you though, this is a time consuming process. When I get really into it, I can easily spend 5-6 hours stuck on my computer unable to leave the screen. It gets fun sometimes... Most importantly have fun, and don't get frustrated. Realize that you are not going to find a great guy right off the bat, it is going to take some asking and filtering.

Below I will leave the names of people I have already qualified but didn't have enough money to check. I will also try to find the names of the models you saw in those camshow videos.

The site I typically use is
Camera Boys

As with all of these sites, you have to put an upfront payment and buy credits. The smallest package you can get here is 32$, and it will give you 28 credits.

Different models, different credit values...
The twinky guys are usually around 2.0 per minute, some of them on sale will go to 1.0 per minute.
Muscular guys usually go around 3.0-5.0 per minute.

Most recent promising model I didn't have the money to test... :(
https://www.cameraboys.com/en/member/ch ... LoganStorm
He said he could burp the alphabet in 2-3 burps... That is impressive, but again, don't do it unless you have already decided to throw the 32 $ into the site.

This site is ALL muscular guys. They are all bodybuilders. As such, expect to pay about 5-10 $ a minute. I got none of the burp videos from this site.
I did want to contact Brett Myscles, because he said he was able to burp on command, and I heard him let out a few loud belches in live stream while he was drinking water. They were NICE burps. I was never able to afford him though... :(

Some people have liked Chaturbate, I don't. There are too many people hounding the models for shows, so asking for burping is a no go unless you have an upfront sum and can shut the other fools in the channel up. The fools that will probably be mocking you from behind their computer screens for your fetish.


This is actually easy. This is my set up.


It pretty much does everything you need to do. Highlight a section of the screen and hit record, it starts. Go to the audio settings in the Hypercam options. Now it's time to set up your audio.

I use windows, you need to enable Stereo-Mix as your sound capture device. This captures the sound from your sound card. If it's not there, right click on the microphones and click "Show disabled". Usually it will be listen there, just enable it. Then go back to HyperCam and select it from the drop down list. Stereo-Mix will be your new microphone. Done.

If this doesn't work, which it no longer works on my computer, there is a work around. Download the latest version of Audacity. Under Audacity you will see various sound capture options that is not your physical microphone, Windows Mapper, etc, etc. Open a youtube video, play it and record. See which option allows gives an input in Audacity. This method is far more messy. You will have to record sound on Audacity WHILE recording video with Hypercam. Also make sure HyperCam audio is turned off or it can mess with things.

Always TEST before you purchase. The camshow will be open, there will be sound. See if your audacity is recording properly and your video is recording properly before the show begins. This extra careful step can save you heart break if and when your set up doesn't function and you just realize that the incredible burper you spent $30 on a show for has no audio in video. Test yoru set-up every time JUST before you start recording and before you buy.

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Re: Finding CamShow Burpers

Post by spidermanphd » 19 Jun 2017, 18:54

I've used Camera Boys for this too. Could we start a list of the models we know can burp on command? I can offer up a few after I check my account.

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Re: Finding CamShow Burpers

Post by ale91 » 17 Aug 2017, 05:08

Thought I'd share a story about a cam experience. So I found this guy on chaturbate. I wasn't out looking for burps, just randomly checking out guys on the cams. I found this dude who is pretty much my type (tan Mexican, toned, really masculine). He was new to chaturbate and I was watching his second show. He is pretty funny and entertaining so I just kind of stayed on and watched. And randomly throughout his show he would let out these burps. Nothing huge or loud, but I loved the way he did it without caring. It turned me on. So I decided to reach out and see if he was cool with burping. I decided to make another chaturbate account as a woman bc he seemed to be more receptive to the women in his chatroom. I messaged him and asked how he felt about burping and he was like sure, let me get some soda. And he burped and jacked off for me in a private show. So far I've had about 4 private shows with him. Again, his burps aren't huge but he's very masculine about it which I find attractive. He's real and pretty loyal to me since I have been giving him tokens for private shows. Like the other day I told him i was low on tokens and he gave me a 15 min private show for whatever tokens I had left on my account.

So to make it less awkward I talk to him during the shows. I make up some stuff obviously but nothing too deep. But I think I may have been too convincing haha he has been asking to skype, kik, or to talk on the phone recently. I make an excuse but he seems pretty persistent haha not sure if he is looking for more money or if he wants to be friends/fuck buddies irl. I enjoy talking to him but even if he was into men, I would never want to talk offline or meet up with someone random on chaturbate. Kind of feel bad now, although I didn't care at first bc he was getting tokens (and he says he needs the money) and I never thought a chaturbate mode would try to get this serious.

Just thought I'd share this. Thought it was interesting and also to add on to burpinboter's advice to just go for it with the burping request. I totally thought this guy was going to think I was a weirdo and ignore it but he has seemed to really taken pride in it.

I am also making a compilation of his burps so I will share when I feel like I have a good amount. Again, his burps are nothing super but I'm sure others will find it attractive.

Also...just a warning private shows are expensive so echoing burpinboter's advice of being careful not to go broke on chaturbate looking for burpers.

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