I'm new to this!

Want to show off your burping skills, ladies? Got a request for a forum member? Post them in here.
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Re: I'm new to this!

Post by burpingorl » 15 Jun 2017, 04:28

HELLO EVERYONE. i filmed a burp + strip tease (includes bare tits and ass) for someone who was ungrateful and said he wouldnt buy it due to the clip that i sent him.
Rude af and really annoying! If i remembered his username on here, i would DRAG HIM. but i do not.
Anyways! I am selling it for 30 bucks. Since there is nudity.
Please message me if you are interested in it!
I will send a clip before i ask for money.

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Re: I'm new to this!

Post by mclarenf12003 » 21 Jun 2017, 01:07

just found this thread and I PM'd you!

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Re: I'm new to this!

Post by Omnius » 01 Aug 2017, 20:13

Keen to chat! Feel free to ask me anything about the fetish. :)
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PM me your sharing addresses if not in your signature, and you want additional access. :)

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