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Want a discreet, purely lustful relationship

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Want a discreet, purely lustful relationship

Post by sryimacheater » 19 Jan 2017, 21:17

I mean look at my name. I'll throw it right out there I'm in a committed thing with a girl. But she can't burp, and that shit *really* is something I love in my life. So ladies, if you're out there, I'm looking to be a bit stealthy, and I want a mutually-burping relationship. I can't burp on command, but I do burp often and sometimes loudly throughout the day and would happily record each and every one and send them to you. I look for similar behavior in return. You get off, I get off. Nobody finds out, eh? Really kinky, sexual guy too, so tell me anything and everything else I can do for you. Lemme know if this shit works for you.


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