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Safety and Reporting

Looking to meet people from the forums? Use this section to post your dating profile or plan a meetup.
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Safety and Reporting

Post by Phantom » 21 Aug 2014, 01:45

Use caution when meeting or dating using this site. Those below the age of consent in their given countries should take extra care when meeting or dating. We make no guarantees and take no responsibility expressed or implied for any actions taken as a result of posting on this board. Please use common sense!

Report misconduct to any of the admins or mods:

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Re: Safety

Post by Rosy Jade Maiden » 22 Aug 2014, 20:17

There's an App for That: How to Have a Fun and Safe Online Meetup

I'd just like to add a few things.

1. We strongly advise underage members not to meet up with somebody at all even if the other person claims to be underage.
2. Meet in a public place for the first time, tell a close friend where you're going to be, and have your phone with you.
3. Try to talk to the other person via Skype or on the phone first.
4. If you think you're being stalked or bullied by another member then do not contact that person, keep a record of any files that pertain to the stalker for evidence, and contact a moderator or admin.
5. Go with your gut. If something doesn't feel right it's better to be safe then sorry.


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