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Re: General Chat Discussion

Post by Keller14 » 28 Jan 2018, 09:30

Omnius wrote:
11 Dec 2017, 15:26
Keller14 wrote:
04 Dec 2017, 05:43
Yo guys!

I want to get several people in a chat all at once..
Reply back to this post with the best time to organize this.

Hey bro I'm fairly interested in this idea. I am a lot more comfortable and interested in talking about burps and hanging with fellow fetishists these days and this could be fun. Maybe share some of our favourite videos or burps? What chat platform would be best to host this though?

I was thinking Skype, easy for voice and video chat. Along with messaging. PM for youre thoughts and ideas
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Re: General Chat Discussion

Post by BurpNumberOne » 08 Feb 2018, 16:14

Keller14, sent a PM, pls check and get back

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Re: General Chat Discussion

Post by Mr.Mistyer » 20 Mar 2018, 04:05

Hey, I just wanted to say that I’m really glad I found this forum! And while I’m not very good at writing in and on forums, so you guys will likely never read this, I just wanted to give out my gratitude for the creation of this forum. When I was in 7th grade I first found that I was very strangely sexually attracted to girls burping, and I had no idea why, and I just thought that I was some weirdo and that I was all alone in the universe with my feelings, but finding this has made me realize that I am not all alone! So thank you for this small bit of hope in my life!

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