I need help with my burp fantasy.

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I need help with my burp fantasy.

Post by sub_2 » 07 Jul 2016, 21:03

Hey dudes, sub_2 here!!!!

I have had this fantasy for a few years now, and its starting to materialise!

Basically there is this major hot chick friend of mine (think avril lavigne with bigger boobs) works down at my local cycle shack. We have always been pals buy she has recently got super hot! And she's Also into my favorite hobby (cycling)

So basically i usually call in after work for a chat/hang out for half an hour before cycling home with her. During a chat 2 weeks ago when we were chillin by the photocoppier, we were chatting away when the chick had just finished a bag of cheese doritos. She looked me strait in the eye, with piercing green eyes, and did a super grumbly belch!!

Bbbbbboing! Up popped a rock solid boner in my pants! This was the first time i has ever had such an erotic experience

Ever since then i have been constantly thinking about this everytime i jack off (everyday) and i have been contantly trying to inconspicupusly make her belch in my company!

So basically guys my question is this, how can i coax her to burp in my presence (i have obviously tired soda pop)

So come on guys how can i make my crush burp in my face, preferably the smellier the better


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