Christmas burps (True story, but VERY NSFW.)

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Christmas burps (True story, but VERY NSFW.)

Post by InsertName » 31 Dec 2015, 03:20

Hey guys, InsertName here, you may know me from that thanksgiving story earlier this month, over on the general SS&O page.Here's a link, if you haven't seen it. Some stuff has gone on since then, so I'll just give aquick rundown before starting the story:
-I have a "cousin," who I'm calling Lisa in these stories, who isn't related by blood.
-she put out a lot of gas when I last saw her
-I wrote a story about it, and published it here.

In the time since then,
-She saw my story
-We communicated over PMs on this site
-Turns out she actually has a fetish for gas as well
-She's offered to have some gassy "fun" with me when we saw each other for Christmas
-We did, and she said I could do another story about it

And thus, here's the story of when my "cousin" and I had the greatest sexy time ever in the history of ever.

My family arrived to Lisa's house once more, this time to celebrate Christmas. As always, Lisa, Mary and I went to Lisa's room and just hung around for a while. Every once in a while, when Mary wasn't looking, Lisa would flash me a knowing smile or a wink, reminding me of the time coming.

Nothing major happened until supper, where Lisa made a point to show off how much "gassy" food she was eating; beans, soda, cheese, you name it and she was stuffing herself on it. I honestly couldn't believe it was really happening, that she was going through with our plans, but I was excited.

We've got a tradition in our family, where after eating Christmas dinner, we all watch a bunch of old home family movies. Lisa and I find them unbearably boring, but everyone else lobes them, so we generally just go off and do something else.

After finishing our meal, Lisa rubbed at my crotch under the table and quietly burped into my ear, before saying:

"Meet me in the art room, 10 minutes."

Another thing you'll need to know, Lisa's family is very artistic. They have a special room specifically made for art stuff, seperated by the garage. It's decked with art stuff, obviously, soundproofed walls for any musical projects, and a pull-out couch so it doubles as a guest room- AKA, the perfect location for our little escapade.

As the rest of the family started up their 2 1/2 hour playlist, (I timed it,) I snuck out to the garage, and into the art room. Laying on the couch, in all her beauty, was my cousin, completely naked, and rubbing on her belly.

If you need a reminder on what Lisa looks like, she's about 6'1, with long blonde hair, and vibrant red lipstick. She's got a pretty face, somewhat enlargened by her belly. While she's not exactly fat, she's got a fair bit of chubbiness on her, accentuating her cuteness. Her breasts are rather small, but it's made up for by her gorgeous rump.

"Jake, I've got some trouble." Lisa said in a faux troubled voice. "I've got so much gas in my belly, and nowhere for it to go!" She put on a fake, joking pout before continuing. "Could you be a dear and collect it for me?"

"Why, I'd love to help you out, Lisa." I say, playing along with her little role-play, figuring it was the least I could do, given how much she was doing for me. "How do you plan on giving it to me?

"Well, how about you suck down some of my burps?" She asked, before giving me a sensual smile, patting her belly a little more.

"I'd be honoured." By now, my member was very visible in my shorts, which Lisa noticed, telling me;

"Now, how about we get those clothes off you, can't have that blocking your gas intake." Hooking her fingers around my waistband, she slowly pulled out my penis from my pants, before putting her grip around it and pulling me closer. With her other hand around the back of my head, she pulled me into her kiss, locking tongue for a solid minute or two.

All while gently pulling on my shaft, her tongue rapped around my own, before she suddenly stopped all movement in my mouth. She sucked in air, before...


The taste of her burps resonated in my mouth, lingering around with the taste of everything she had eaten that night, from her beans to her diet Coke. She pulled away from me an began to tease.

"Did you like the taste of that one?" To which I nodded, attempting to actually swallow the gas, though I knew it wouldn't work very well. "Well, maybe I ShoBRAAAAPld give you a little more of it."

She sucked down air and began shaking her belly, doing everything she could to build up a big one, much like her "grand finale" from last Thanksgiving. For a full 3 minutes, she shook her hypnotically jiggly belly, before shooting me another smile.

"You ready for this one, gas container?"

"Of course, Lisa, I can't wait."

"Well, then..." She leaped onto me, knocking me over on the pull-out couch, laying on top of me. Placing her tongue in my mouth again, she let loose 3 minutes of preperation.


Without any exaggeration, 7 seconds of delicious burp flew into my mouth, directly down my throat. The taste of her gas was better than anything I had ever tasted, causing me to spasm in arousal.

Afterwards, she pulled away from me again, and let out one more small


"Whew, excuse me!" She said with a giggle. "I've been practicing that one."

"I can tell, that was crazy!"

"Yeah, and you're in luck, because I've got lots of it left." She patted her belly once more. "But how about this time, we go a little..." She flicked the tip of my still erect member. "...Lower."

She climbed lower on the pull-out, and began to go down on in. She gave me a playful lick one, two, three times before wrapping her mouth around it, pumping her head up and down a few times before stopping, much like last time. I tensed my body, knowing what as coming, and waited for the moment.


A quiet burp resonated on me, vibrating my erection. The immense warmth, the vibrations, everything about it, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I came.

Lisa eagerly began to lick it all up, sucking it all out of me, before swallowing the whole load at once. She sat up, and let out a small burp from it.

"Hey, you should have told me you were going to do that. I would've been more prepared." Another tiny burp came from her, a bit of spit flying out and landing on my chest. "Whoops, excuse me!" She giggled again.

"But you know, We're not done yet, gas slave. I've still got lots of gas left on the other end."

I could tell she was getting really into her role-play, and I couldn't fault her. She climbed over to my face, and took a seat.

"I know you love this big butt, all it's fat, all over your face."


"You'd better suck it up, gas container. 'Cause there's much more where that came from." She lifted her legs up, placing her entire weight onto my face, pressing my nose right up to her sweaty butthole. "I can't hear you sniffing, I want to hear sniffing, gas slave!"

Of course, I did as she said, sniffing up Lisa's gas, much to her audible almost orgasmic delight. I decided I'd give her a little surprise, and stuck my tongue out, and started rimming her. She started gasping, screaming in pleasure, and I was really glad in that moment that the walls were soundproofed.

"Oh god, Jake, don't stop!" She shouted between farts. It seemed she couldn't control herself anymore, releasing fart after fart after fart onto my tongue, it was amazing. She leaned over and started blowing me again, using her skills to burp on me again while farting, causing me to cum once more as she swallowed it all up again. I couldn't believe how much gas she had, as she just wouldn't stop farting into my mouth, until she came on top of my chest as well, screaming louder than I've ever heard her scream before.

There we sat, covered in each other's ejaculate, panting wildly until Lisa farted once more. We laughed a little, before standing up and wiping our sweat and cum off.

"We should do this again sometime." I said putting my clothes back on.

"Oh, of course." She replied. "Maybe at the New Years Party?"

And hopefully, we will.

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Re: Christmas burps (True story, but VERY NSFW.)

Post by DarkThoughtsCinder » 19 Jan 2016, 08:05

No shit. That's insane! You my friend have got it made!!! A hot chick that has the fetish AND is close in your family! Dude...I wish I was you right now. What are the odds of that? Two people that know each other, have the fetish, didn't know the other had it, and one saw the others story! My mind is officially blown. :-o

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Re: Christmas burps (True story, but VERY NSFW.)

Post by Scottishguy » 20 Jan 2016, 11:35

Think this guy could be the luckiest on the site!
Anyone other british people on here? PM me

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Re: Christmas burps (True story, but VERY NSFW.)

Post by mblake1053 » 04 Mar 2016, 21:12

this might be a top 10 most awesome thing to happen to a burp fetishist. I could tell just by the original story that she had a fetish. Good to know these girls actually exist in real life lmao, I'm looking for a girl that wants to be gassy around me as much as I want her to

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Re: Christmas burps (True story, but VERY NSFW.)

Post by mariolink101 » 12 Mar 2016, 22:54

Even though I don't read this kind of stories because well it has sex in it, but you man are the luckiest bastard I have to read about. Wish I was in your shoes man. Are you going to do one for new years or any other holidays later on?

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