The adult burping clips timestamping topic

Post adult content featuring females in this section.
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The adult burping clips timestamping topic

Post by pu_sh_it » 07 May 2018, 09:53

Post in this topic when you find a video which may only have a few burps sprinkled about it's runtime, and you don't care to/don't have the time to spend sitting through to pinpoint the burps. Hopefully the forum hivemind will collectively be able to identify them. This isn't a greenlight for piracy; only share videos which producers have shared for free, or videos from defunct/inactive studios, to respect those who are earning profits. I'll start: ... e041aec0ef

A long video, she's somewhat hot especially when flashing her ass, but the Italian language is an additional impediment for me tbh. Any Italian speakers or patient timestampers here? She's also released other free videos featuring burps I think.
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