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BadMasterBoys Burping

Post adult content featuring males in the section.
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BadMasterBoys Burping

Post by lebamboo » 23 Apr 2016, 01:38

I dunno how many of you ever heard about BadMasterBoys videos, there are a lot of them...trust me ..a lot..and some of them contains burping . I found a few but unfortunately many of them were removed from porn websites due to copyrights...It's actually a roleplay between masters and slaves..and usually they drink beer and burp very deep and loud ! Also contains pissing scenes, socks , feet, humiliation...but once again, these are not porn clips :) just a roleplay

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Re: BadMasterBoys Burping

Post by Korektor » 12 Jul 2016, 02:15

For some reason it took me a ''hot/quick second" to find this website :| I have no idea why it wasn't showing up in my browser...
There's only one video I found where the creators added 'burping' into the description:

The site looks extremely interesting :-) Thanks for mentioning it :) ... Not sure which videos would contain burping in them, I'm assuming they would be random and without warning from what I have seen on pornhub. Maybe with more exposure they'll add more burping in the videos!!
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