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Blow-Job Burping 101: A Montage (Male on Male)

Post adult content featuring males in the section.
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Blow-Job Burping 101: A Montage (Male on Male)

Post by Korektor » 05 Mar 2016, 02:19

I made this montage with a burping fantasy in mind but it is like watching a porn movie.
WARNING: This video contains intense deep throat blow-jobs (which is primarily what the video is centered around with burps throughout; some burps are taken from the foreground of other bizarre fetishes like peeing, snot, saliva, ect but I tried to edit out as much as I could). There's also an underlining horror/thriller element which makes it seem like you're watching a suspenseful movie.
http://www.4shared.com/video/CkEjnCmOce ... g_101.html (Edit: here's the new link, I found an error in the original video).

A majority of the clips are taken from this site- they specialize in masculine art and specifically cater to snot, pee, fart, scat fetishes in their videos (hopefully burping in the near future ;) ).

It's free membership to join them but in order to watch their full videos you have to purchase credits.

There's a few people who have left comments asking them to burp more in their videos (including myself)- it would be awesome if they catered to our fetish too. Anyone should definitely contact them (contact@pig-prod.eu) by e-mail or leave comments on their site requesting for a lot more burping so they know there's an audience for it. Maybe they can do an entire video on burping if enough people ask.

:) Hope you all enjoy.

For those of you who want to see the original videos private message me.
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Re: Blow-Job Burping 101: A Montage (Male on Male)

Post by MrMidnight » 07 Mar 2016, 04:53

Please more 18+ up stuff, this section of the forum is practically dead, it's so refreshing when there's such good content! <3

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