Josh and Matt (Fiction)

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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

Post by thegasprovider » 03 Mar 2015, 03:05

Note: Sorry for taking so long to update. I hope this chapter was worth the wait. I hope you'll like it. It is the longest one up to now. Around 1200 words. Enjoy it and please leave me any kind of feedback. I love hearing from you guys. Thank you all in advance and thanks for reading :)


After the shocking, gassy happening in the dinner table, the couple decided to watch a movie together. Still not completely comfortable with each other in this new “status”, they firstly sat really close to each other.

At a moment, Josh’s hand started coming closer to Matt’s. As Josh’s fingers felt Matt’s soft skin, the blonde shockingly bit his lower lip, not knowing how to react. He slowly turned his face in Josh’s direction, who was smiling at him gently. Matt slowly held his boyfriend’s hand, feeling its warmth and softness.

As the movie went by, the couple slowly got closer and closer, with Matt eventually lying on Josh’s lap, as the ginger played with his soft, blond hair. Matt was trying his best to pay attention to the movie, but all he could focus on was on Josh’s gurgling belly. He could feel all the gas being produced in his belly. He imagined all the burps and farts his lovely boyfriend would be releasing all night; he bit his lower lip once more, holding a moan in.

When the movie finished, Matt went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Josh kept sitting down for a while, rubbing his abs, completely full from dinner. He released a loud, bassy belch that lasted for a few good 10 seconds, sighing in complete relief.

“Dang, I actually feel lighter after this one…”

He chuckled, standing up and making his way to the kitchen. He saw Matt’s skinny back, his body completely relaxed in front of the sink. Josh slowly approached him and back hugged him. Matt was a bit surprised at first, but he slowly got used to Josh’s strong and warm arms around his waist. He kept on work as Josh hugged him.

“I love you”, Josh said, kissing Matt’s neck. Matt turned his face and the two of them stared at each other for a few seconds, until their lips finally touched each other.

They kissed each other passionately for quite a while, until Matt finally took his wet hands out of the sink and proceeded to embrace Josh’s muscular waist. He felt his muscles with his soft, wet hands. Josh moaned as Matt pressed Josh’s head closer to his, dancing with his tongue inside Josh’s mouth. As Josh made his way to Matt’s underwear, Matt gently stopped Josh’s hand and said between pants “Babe… I don’t wanna rush this… We can wait a bit more.”

Josh slowly backed off Matt’s moist lips, and proceeded to kiss his forehead.

“It’s okay, Matt… We can wait, obviously. But I am actually really tired right now. Do you think we should take some sleep?”

Matt held Josh’s hands and gave him a peck on his lips.

“We should sleep soon… I’ll just finish the dishes. Do you mind setting the bed up?”

“Of course not, honey. I’ll love to. I’ll be waiting for you there.”, Josh said winking as he left the kitchen. As he reached the door he stopped, slightly lifting his left butt cheek. A loud and gassy stream of air eased his ass for about 5 seconds. He jokingly fanned his ass in Matt’s direction and left the kitchen. Matt held his crotch, leaning back in the sink and biting his lips once more, holding a moan in.

As soon as he was done with the dishes, he changed his clothes, wearing now only a white shirt and his white tights. As soon as he entered the bedroom, Josh was lying only in his black undies, using his phone. Matt slowly made his way to the bed and sat by Josh’s side. Josh put his phone on the cupboard and gently laid Matt in the bed, both facing each other.

Josh gently played with Matt’s hair and caressed his smooth face skin. Josh cuddle Matt, both crossing each other’s legs, Matt curled up on Josh’s strong waist. He smelled Josh’s natural scent. The mix of deodorant with his Aloe soap, and a little of sweat from a long day at work. Matt lowly moaned, closing his eyes. Josh kissed the top of his head, also closing his eyes. And like that the two love birds fell asleep.

On the next morning, Matt woke up too late, and couldn’t farewell Josh to work. He made his way to the kitchen, where Josh left a big breakfast ready for Matt, alongside with a note that read “You were so soundly asleep, I didn’t want to wake you up. Hope you enjoy your breakfast. Josh xoxo”. Matt chuckled happily, sitting down and enjoying his delicious breakfast.

After about 40 minutes, Matt made his way through the 10 pancakes, the bacon and eggs, the two donuts and the orange juice. He leaned back in his chair, panting in pleasure from feeling so full. He lifted his shirt slightly, rubbing his super bloated belly. He gently patted his gut, making some loud and short belches be released. They were really short but Matt could feel his belly getting less full and the sound was bassy and manly. He moaned and grunted in satisfaction.

He decided to take a quick shower and use the laptop. After all, he was waiting on a reply from “thatlonelyguy”. He opened his “Inbox”, and was pleasantly surprised with a message from the user.

“Hello :D I’m great thanks. I’m glad you contacted me. Unlike you, I’ve had the fetish since my childhood. However, I’m going through the exact same phase. We just recently started dating and I also haven’t told him about the fetish yet. I think that needs to wait until you’re really comfortable around each other, and once both of you are sexually open with each other. That’s what I’m waiting for. When we are completely close, I think I’ll be able to tell him easily. I hope the same happens to you. If you have any more questions, I love chatting.”

Matt was thrilled. He never thought he’d ever find someone so friendly and so open to him. He couldn’t wait to know more about “thatlonelyguy”. Throughout the day, the two users talked to each other, exchanging information about when the fetish started, what they liked the most about it, and many trivial informations.
As the weeks went by, the relationship between Josh and Matt got closer and closer. They’d take strolls together at the streets, go to the movies, go to theme parks, go shopping, and all that lovey dovey couple stuff. However, they still haven’t came to the point of having sexual intercourse. Not cause of fear of commitment, but simply because they felt in their hearts that those things shouldn’t be hurried and that it would happen when it should.

However, at the same time that their love for each other grew, Matt’s affection to that “thatlonelyguy” also grew. The two would spend most of the day talking to each other through the website’s real time chat – they were too scared to share personal information or phone numbers. At a point, Matt started to wonder who he loved… If it was Josh, who was always there for him and never gave up on him. Or “thatlonelyguy”, who understood him so well and always knew what to say.
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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

Post by thegasprovider » 11 Mar 2015, 02:23


As time went time went by, and Matt’s friendship with “thatlonelyguy” got stronger, some things started to change in the house. Matt started to get pretty lousy when he was home, not doing his house work properly, and also got in trouble at his job for being “too distracted with useless stuff” according to his boss. Josh, however, didn’t want to let that get in their way. He was trying his best to be understanding, and help Matt to get through it, though it was slowly starting to piss him off.

When the couple finally completed two months together, Josh decided on surprising Matt with a special gift. It was a Friday night and Josh was just coming home from work, with a huge package in his hands. He knew that Matt was pretty lazy and distracted with something, but he had faith that everything would be good today.

When he entered the house, however, he didn’t see a tidied up house, or Matt coming to greet him, or dinner ready. Matt was sat in front of the laptop doing God knows what (sending a message to “thatlonelyguy” and looking up kinky stuff obviously). Josh put the package on the floor, and knocked on the open door furiously. Matt slowly took off his speakers and looked at the door with a surprised look.

“J-Josh…? What… Why are you home?”, he asked before looking at the clock and noticing it was past 8pm. He looked in Josh’s direction and noticed the package. He slowly stood up and went to Josh. “I… I’m sorry, honey… I… I got absorbed with… With… Stuff.”, he cleared his throat nervously.

Josh smirked at him, sighed deeply and entered the house. “It’s okay…”, he said coldly, proceeding to take his clothing off and go to the kitchen. “Do you at least know what day is today?”, he asked taking some noodles off the cupboard.

“Today…”, Matt searched in the deepest of his thoughts and remembered. “Ou… Our second month together…”, he said lowly.

“Yes… And what have you done all day? You’ve been using that freaking laptop doing I don’t know what!”, Josh shouted throwing the noodles inside the pot. “And you know, I could let that pass if it was the first time, and if it wasn’t today, but do you even care about us? You haven’t been moving an inch lately… You were almost fired and I thought that would be a wakeup call, but then I come home on our two month birthday… And this.”, he points at the messed up kitchen. “You know I don’t really mind about being a bit messy, honestly I’m the nastiest creature you know, but this is ridiculous.”

Josh saw Matt was lowly crying, and stopped speaking. He slowly came closer to Matt and hugged him, placing Matt’s head on his shoulder. “I know everything is so new to you with me being your boyfriend and all, but this needs to stop. I love you… But what you are doing isn’t nice, Matt… I don’t our want us to finish because you are distracted with something. Yeah, you can have your privacy… But you can’t let it be your priority.”

Matt cried a bit more and then finally lifted his head. “I’m sorry… I won’t let it happen again. I love you so much… I wouldn’t be able to leave you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay…”, Josh said smiling gently. He kissed Matt’s forehead and hugged him once more, feeling his tears falling in his collarbone. “But now… I really want to eat something. I’ll just change myself so can you check on the noodles?”

“Sure…”, Matt gently said… He finished cooking the noodles and set up the table as Josh came back. He back hugged Matt like he always does, and Matt played with his bright and red hair, sighing happily.

“I love you…”, Josh said in his melting voice. “I’m sorry for storming off… I just want what’s best for you and for us.”

Matt turned around and gave Josh a peck, sitting by the table right after. “It’s okay, past is past. I’m the one to apologize for being so… Irresponsible and distracted.”

“It is alright. Like you said, past is past. Now, let’s eat. I’m starving.”, Josh said sitting down, as they started feasting themselves in the noodles together.

Though apparently everything was good again, both guys were thinking many different things silently. Whereas Matt knew the reason for him to be so distracted was because of “thatlonelyguy” and his confused feelings towards him, Josh was scared that Matt was starting to lose his love for him, that everything was just a confusion to him or even worse, he was scared Matt was cheating on him with someone. However none of them wanted to worry about that now. What mattered was that after two months they were still together.

As they finished the dinner, Josh licked his empty plate, making Matt giggle. Josh slightly blushed before unzipping his tight jeans to make space for his bloated abs. He pressed his gut really hard, forcing out many bassy burps come out. They rumbled out of his mouth and Matt could smell the noodles and soda. He got instantly aroused. He decided to take a brave attitude. He made a serious smirk and slowly walked in Josh’s direction. He reclined himself, his face almost touching Josh’s, who was a bit surprised. Matt punched his gently a few times before it came out: a loud, gas-filled belch that owned Josh’s face completely. It was a hot stream of air, loud like a roaring, so strongly smelling. Josh could feel himself getting harder and harder, but he tried his best to hide his erection.

As Matt’s massive finished, Matt released a low grunt and chuckled, raising his eyebrows.

“See? That’s how a real man belches!”, he said giggling.

Josh looked at Matt jokingly, and took his hand. “This is the man you loved all your life… And he is perfect…. The wait was worth it… You can’t ever lose him… No matter what happens, you gotta fight until the very end for him…”, Josh said to himself, cleaning a tear off his eye before Matt could notice. Though he was so happy right now, he still couldn’t help but feel like Matt was hiding something from him. But now, all that didn’t matter. He just wanted to spend time with his one and only. He suddenly got remembered of the package.

“Oh my God, Matt! The package!”, Josh said pulling Matt to the living room where the package was left behind. “It should’ve been a surprise but…. But… Oh, doesn’t matter. Open it up!”, Josh said excitedly as Matt ripped the packing and opened the box, that contained a huge photoset full of polaroids from the two of them. Matt started to tear up, and hugged Josh tight.

“Thank you so much, Josh…”, Matt said gently. “You’re perfect! I love you so much!”

“Hahaha I love you too. But don’t think those tears will let you go off! You still need to pay for owning me in the kitchen. I’m the alpha male here!”, he said making a joking mad face to Matt, what caused him to laugh.

The two of them stared at each other until Josh gently kissed Matt’s lips. They kept on kissing, until Josh felt his stomach growling. He was about to stop the kiss when he thought of a better idea. He swallowed air and released the nasty belch inside of Matt’s mouth. Even being covered by Matt’s mouth, it sounded bassy and deep. Matt nearly gagged from the stinky gas. However he also felt himself getting so horny, but couldn’t do anything.

The couple continued with their “gassy pranks” throughout the night, burping and even farting in each other’s faces. Josh obviously would out-gas Matt in every category, but they didn’t care about that. Every now and then either one would need to go to bathroom and “release” themselves, if you got what I mean (I’m sure you do). They were living the happiest point of their relationship up to now, and they didn’t want to break that for nothing. However, things were about to get harder sooner than they thought.
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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

Post by md-1500 » 20 Mar 2015, 15:29

First of all, I want to say that you are an awesome writer. You have such a great vivid mind with fantastic scenes and details. I know you said English is not your fist language, but you did a remarkable job with constructing your sentences and folding out your chapters. I notice some errors every now and then, but it’s not annoying or distracting. If you want to, you could proofread it and edit and alter those errors if you aim for perfection. It was pretty clever incorporating the forums into your story and I love how you integrate wonderful messages that could apply to real life problems and troubles. Although it’s very exciting reading what you have come up, I must warn you for something. Please, don’t let the love story get the upper hand and suppress the fetish part too much. However, I have to confess that I am waiting eagerly to find out what is going to happen between Matt and “thatlonelyguy” and how that affects Josh. Also a note to you: “and “release” themselves, if you got what I mean (I’m sure you do)” Haha that was too funny, rofl, I burst out in laughter. You don’t have to be so prude, you can say it all out loud, but I understand we have pay to attention to our younger members here. Keep it going, mister. ;) :D
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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

Post by thegasprovider » 11 Apr 2015, 07:02

NOTE: I'm sorry for taking so long to update. I have been having the infamous "writer's block", and was lacking inspiration to write the new chapter. I hope you guys like it and please leave me any comment (praise, criticism, suggestions, anything) if you want to :D Thanks for reading as always ^w^


After about two weeks of their anniversary, everything seemed to be back to normal at the “Gassy Slobs’ House” (not the most creative name but whatever). Josh was doing better than ever at work and was about to be offered a promotion, and Matt himself was getting praised for being proactive and was taking great care of the house.
Better than anything, the two of them were completely letting their gas rip all the time as if it was their way to breathe. They’d shock each other suddenly pinning each other on the floor to rip some lower bassy gas, or pretend they’ll kiss each other and as the kiss happened, a loud rattling belch would run down their throats, rumbling with powerful might! Though neither of them ever knew, the other party would get so aroused and horny that they’d need to “relieve” themselves at least 6 times a day, from the huge amount of gas released on a daily basis.

However, the two of them yet haven’t had sexual intercourse (yes, there are people who can control their hormones), for the very same reason: the two were scared to open up about their peculiar characteristic that sexually aroused and ignited them. And because of that, all the opportunities they had to become one were thrown away… Because of fear. But the two of them knew that sooner or later the truth should be unveiled.

Also, Matt’s feelings for “thatlonelyguy” were growing with each passing day. They wouldn’t chat a lot: mostly at the morning and afternoon with a fairly large spam of time between messages, since both of them were working, and also because Matt wouldn’t want Josh to find out about that guy. But even with the unusually small amount of contact and time knowing each other, the two internet friends got closer and closer, and Matt was scared there would come a time he would need to choose between Josh and “thatlonelyguy” and he didn’t want that.

Also, Josh himself noticed that there was something was going on inside of Matt’s heart: A battle between his love for Josh and for someone Josh didn’t know. And Josh couldn’t lose that battle. It wasn’t an option. He waited all his life to have Matt as his, and it wasn’t some random “another one” that would take him out of him But as much as he wanted to win this battle, he didn’t want to let Matt notice he knew that something was going on, so he kept acting the same way.

At a typical morning, Matt had just dismissed Josh off to work, the house a stinky gas chamber full of the pigs’ morning burps and farts, and, after setting the kitchen up, went off to his laptop. Matt had a really flexible work time that allowed him to work from home three times a week. He started the laptop, going to the kitchen and opening the fridge, taking off a bottle of Coke. He cracked it open and made his way back to the laptop clutching his flat belly (shirts weren’t allowed at home, unless it was really cold), the dark caramel colored liquid running down his throat, and his Adam’s apple going up and down, gaining speed with every new chug.

As he sat down by the laptop, he took the last gulp and thrown the bottle away, putting his hand on his skinny thigh. With the other hand he pressed his belly really tightly, slowly winking his right eye and contorting his mouth to the left side. The gas made his way up his esophagus, like a bullet train. Soon enough, Matt forced the belch out, and it came like a thunder. It started lowly, as if it was stuck. But suddenly, Matt opened his mouth a bit more, and that was when things got real. The gas started to flow nonstop out of his mouth, its bass and loudness getting deeper and louder. He forced the manly belch out of his gut until the very end, finally closing his mouth slowly as the gas finished, finally ending the gassy symphony at exact 34 seconds.

He leaned his head back on his chair, panting loudly, his hand falling near his crotch, where a hard on was formed, huge and wanting to be touched.

“Sorry bud…”, Matt said looking in his “bud” direction. “I got to work now. But when Josh’s back you’re mine.”, Matt grinned mischievously.

After about two hours – two loud, manly, loud belch-filled hours – Matt was finally done with work for the day. He made his way to the kitchen, since it was time for lunch. He opened the fridge, lazily staring at it. He heard his stomach growl and he clutched it gently. He grabbed his phone and decided to order something. He waited for the other side to pick up and ordered (McDonald’s as usual): two Big Mac’s, a 20 Chicken McNuggets box, 2 large McFries and 2 large Cokes. Matt wasn’t one to eat that much, but he was feeling unusually hungry on that day.

He waited excited for the huge meal. After it was delivered, he set everything on the table and sat by it, staring at everything, nearly drooling. He unpacked the first burger and shoved it down his mouth. The sauce slowly dripped down his mouth and he cleaned it with his finger, licking the red tomato sauce deliciously, while chewing loudly on the greasy, fat burger. He swallowed it loudly, opening one of the Coke glasses and chugging it eagerly, finishing its content in less than 10 seconds. He sighed loudly, and relaxed his body, thinking that the sigh was all there was to it.

However, a sudden, huge bubble of gas rose up his esophagus, exploding into a deep, bassy burp that caught him completely by surprise. It sounded like a loud roar, and it was low and manly. It didn’t last long, but it was so surprising that Matt couldn’t help but blush and cover his mouth. He never thought he could produce such a powerful belch. But he loved it. He started to giggle and then laugh hysterically. He loved how much of a hog he became in so little. He was proud of his gas and he wanted it to get louder and manlier.

He continued to eat his lunch, enjoying every bite and chug. He obviously finished the Coke he bought fast, so he went to the fridge to grab a 2l bottle and finish his pig out session. After about 15 minutes, the food and the Coke were gone. Matt had a majorly bloated stomach. His bare chest was sweaty and he was panting loudly. His loose, old jeans were unbuttoned, revealing his crotch – covered by a layer of white briefs – and his blonde snail trail.

Matt panted loudly, as he hiccupped, releasing then a loud, wet belch into the air. He groaned in pain from eating so much, but he was so happy. He always wanted to test himself and eat a huge meal. He rubbed his bloated belly and pressed it gently. A low, bassy rumble vibrated on the leather couch and Matt could feel his undies rippling as the nasty gas rumble like a thunder out of his ass.

After about two hours of more belching and farting – really, you could make an atomic bomb with the amount of gas released in that house – Matt finally, lifted from the couch making his way to the laptop. He eagerly opened the webpage of the “Gas Fetish” website, to check out if he had any message from “thatlonelyguy”. He was pleasantly surprised with a “+1” on his inbox. He happily opened the message, completely worried since the two of them haven’t talked in about three days. Matt anxiously read the message:

“Hey… How are you? Sorry for not replying to you yesterday. I’ve been going through a lot on work, and also some personal issues. Some internal conflicts… And many doubts. I just didn’t want to worry you with those. I hope everything is alright on your side. I want to compensate you for suddenly disappearing without saying anything. What do you think about the two of us meeting? Since the two of us live at Philly it would be easy to meet somewhere nice and hang out together. I really need to vent off my mind from my worries, and nothing better than spending some precious time with you. I wait eagerly for your response.”

Matt nearly fell off his chair. He couldn’t believe it. The guy who was probably his best friend, wanted to meet him. It was too good to be truth… He wanted to do it so much, but he didn’t want Josh to find out. He hurriedly started to reply the message.

“Hey!!! I’ve been great thank you! I hope you’ve been good too, and those worries will vent off when we meet. It’d be awesome if we could meet. I can tomorrow if you want to. What about at the Franklin Square, near the carousel? I can only at day time however… So around noon? I wait for your reply!”

Matt clicked the “Send” button, completely desperate. After about ten minutes, the reply arrived.

“Awesome! So tomorrow it will be! Noon is perfect, since it is my lunch time. So, see you tomorrow! Can’t hardly wait!”

“Neither can I…”, Matt whispered to himself, nearly fainting. He was so happy and hyper. He just wanted tomorrow to come as fast as he could.

The rest of the day went as smooth as silk. Matt was so happy and was doing everything with a huge smile in his face. When Josh was back, they had their happiest dinner yet, especially because Josh himself was happy (probably because of Matt’s happiness). They still goofed off belching and farting in each other’s face, or playing with each other with their manly, loud gas. And obviously many “relieving” sessions to top it off. They finally went to bed. Matt barely able to sleep from his excitement.

Matt dismissed Josh to work on the next morning, and excitedly started to get ready for the meeting. After taking a long shower, Matt put on his light pink shirt, with a gray and blue hoodie, and his black skinny jeans. It was a cold but beautiful morning. When it was half past eleven, Matt left the house, making his way to the Square.

After a twenty minutes walk, there he was. He made his way to the carousel, and there, near the bench, he could see his silhouette. He slowly approached and when he saw his face, he nearly passed out.
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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

Post by thegasprovider » 18 Apr 2015, 02:48

NOTE: I'm sorry the chapter is so small and there is nearly any mention to the fetish, I just didn't want to leave you guys without any updates in so long again. As always I hope you guys enjoy it ^w^


The cold wind strongly hit Matt’s face, making him shiver. But he didn’t care, he was going to meet him, at last. He slowly made his way to the bench near the carousel, where he could see his silhouette. His vision was a bit blurred from the strong wind, but he knew it was him. He slowly came closer so his vision could clear up. Finally he saw his face. And he nearly passed out.

“M-MATT?”, yelled the guy sitting on the bench, completely flabbergasted.

Matt started to lose balance, slowly passing out, letting a low whisper before falling on the cold floor:

“… Josh…”

About twenty minutes later, Matt’s eyes slowly opened and he recovered consciousness. He saw a face beneath his, staring at him softly. The smooth red hair being blown by the wind; the white skin, reddened by the cold weather; the shining blue eyes that could melt one with just a glare. It was indeed him. All this time, “thatlonelyguy” was actually Josh.

“Matt… Are you okay?”, Josh gently said, his melting voice sounding in the cold air like a sweet whisper in Matt’s ears.

Matt slowly lifted his body, sitting on the cold bench, completely confused and shocked.

“… Josh… How…? You are… ‘thalonelyguy’?“, Matt weakly asked, still surprised at the happening.

“Yes… Yes, I am.”, Josh gently chuckled, caressing Matt’s cold face. “I don’t know how this is possible… I never thought… You liked burps and farts… Like I did.”, he finished blushing slightly.

“I… I also didn’t know you liked it.”, said Matt. “Actually, neither I knew you liked it… Until I met you”, Matt glared at Josh softly. “Ever since I was introduced to your ‘gassiness’ being… I started to develop a… sexual interest to it… I didn’t understand how that worked, or if it was normal. So I started to research about it… And I ended up in the website. And I finally started to understand what was going on with me… Then I found your profile. And your story, for obvious reasons now, seemed so similar to mine and everything and I had to contact you, because you knew what I was going through. And… I started to develop feelings for you… Once more… But I was scared to fall in love for “thatlonelyguy”, because I had you… But now… You are him… Now… Everything feels so right for me…”, Matt felt tears rolling down his cold face as his words came out of his mouth.

Josh carefully wiped off the tears, and embraced Matt in a tight hug. “I knew… That something was going on. I was so scared and frightened… I couldn’t lose you. I’ve waited all my life for you and I could not simply let an Internet guy take you from me. But now… Like you said… Everything feels so right… Like a confirmation of our love for each other… Now I know that we are meant to be, and that nothing will ever tear us apart.”

The couple hugged and cried together for a couple more minutes. Finally, after a long and emotional talk, it was time for Josh to go back to work. The two of them gave each other a last hug and said their farewells.

“Can’t wait to see you tonight”, Josh says, his strong hands holding Matt’s shoulders tightly. “I miss you so much already. I hope you’ll have something for me when I’m back.”

Josh held Matt close to him and kissed him passionately, slowly gulping air and releasing an airy burp inside of him. Matt gently moaned, biting Josh’s lower lip, before letting go, or they would end up doing some naughty stuff in front of the whole Philly. Matt stared at Josh’s hypnotizing eyes and said, before making his way back home:

“You can be sure I’ll have something for you... My love…”
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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

Post by thegasprovider » 17 Jun 2015, 04:11

NOTE: Sorry for taking FOREVER to upadte, I had many writer's blocking issues, and was trying to focus on videos, and my compilations. I had posted my whole story (including this chapter) to DeviantArt while the forums was down. Posting here, cuz here is where the original story is at.


Matt walked back home, smiling from ear to ear, trying to contain all his excitement and happiness. He opened their house’s door and walked in, closing the door with his back. He lied on the couch, facing the ceiling, and couldn’t stop smiling.

“Well…”, Matt said to himself, “He said he would like me to have something for him… But I think it would be nice to have a little surprise…”

Matt starts cleaning the house, a grin now planted in his face as his naughtiest fantasies start to cross his mind like a movie. He finds himself moaning and biting his lips from time to time, unable to hold in his arousal and excitement for when Josh would come back home.

About one hour before Josh come back home, Matt picked up his phone and started dialing a number.

“Hello? I’d like 8 Big Macs, 4 extra-large Cokes and 2 extra-large fries. Yes… I know it is a lot… But I’m gonna pay for it, don’t you worry about that. Yes. Yes. Thank you.”, Matt hung up the phone and started setting everything up.

After about 20 minutes, the meal arrived. He picked all the food and drinks and placed them on the center table in the living room. When it was about time for Josh to arrive, Matt opened the door and stood on the entrance waiting for him – something he’s never done before.

He was wearing simple clothing: a red hoodie, with his hands on the pockets; gray trackpants and white socks on his black slippers. The cold wind hitting his light skinned face, messing his dirty blonde hair up. After about 5 minutes of wait, he finally saw a silhouette appearing at the end of the street. His smile – dissipated by the cold weather he was enduring for the past five minutes – reappeared brighter and wider than before, as he saw Josh arriving.

He slowly made his way to where Josh was, making the ginger open up a bright and white smile. Matt slowly embraced Josh, filling his body with warmth, then looking at him in the eyes deeply, and approaching his lips to Josh’s. Finally they were kissing. Their moist lips were touching each other’s as they embraced even tighter and rubbed their hands around their backs. Slowly their tongues touched each other, as their wet lips would make sticky sounds as they kissed harder.

After kissing for a while, their lips parted as Matt held Josh’s hand tightly, pulling him inside the house. The blond, in a slow and sensual way, took off his partner’s jacket, stripping him to a grey t-shirt that was tightened against Josh’s fit body. The ginger looked behind his boyfriend, and could see the center table filled with his favorite meal ever: McDonald’s.

“When you said you prepared everything you weren’t kidding, huh?”, Josh said grinning and gently running his left hand down Matt’s messy hair.

“You didn’t see anything yet”, Matt mustered the most mischievous wink his “cute boy” features could make. “After all…”, he said, slowly approaching Josh and embracing his model-like body, “If we REALLY wanna have some real fun… We’ll need to have something coming out of here…”, Matt boldly pinches Josh’s butt-cheek, gazing him deeply, “… And here.”, he finally says, kissing Josh’s lips once more and smiling widely.

“Well… Then why wait any longer? Let’s do what we do best…”, Josh said, leisurely sitting on the floor, by the small table with their feast. He starts to unpack the lunch, his mouth eagerly salivating. After all is out of the packing, he looks at Matt, who is blankly staring at the ginger. “What? Need help to sit down?”, Josh opens up a joking smile, making Matt join him on the floor.

They stare at each other for few seconds, until Josh finally attacks. He starts picking every burger and shoving down his greedy mouth, filling his hand and lips with grease, as Matt watches astonished, before he himself started gorging on the food. Several minutes went by as the couple loudly pigged out on their meal. Both held in all their gas, to save it all for later.

Finally, after about half an hour, all of the food was gone. Josh slowly laid back, resting his head on the couch, and rubbing his rock-hard bloated abs, his grey shirt slightly lifted from the huge bloat. He groans in satisfaction as he feels the just eaten food traveling around his digestive system, being converted into precious, manly gas.

Matt’s gaze is fixed in awe at his hot, bloated boyfriend. He bit his lower lip, slowly drawing a hand down to his crotch, as the volume down there started to grow higher. He slowly made his way to his panting partner, kneeling with his legs dovetailing Josh’s. Slowly embracing the ginger’s body, Matt pulled him closer, their lips now inches away from each other.

“I love you…”, Matt said in a whispery, giving Josh’s lips a peck. “I love you so much…”

Josh stared at Matt deeply, and boldly kissed him. Their lips touched and connected, as Josh embraced the blonde’s body, their tongues curling each other, as their moist lips moved around, making wet, sticky noises. Josh pulled Matt’s body closer, biting his ear and releasing low, warm panting sounds in it.

“I love you too…”, Josh whispered with his low, melting voice on the blonde’s ear. Slowly a rumbling sound travelled through the ginger’s esophagus, as he muffled a low, bassy burp, releasing it bit by bit in his partner’s ear. The manly, deep release ran its five seconds of duration being projected directly in Matt’s ear, as the releaser would open his mouth slightly, as to keep the deep bass of the belch.

Matt’s hands, that were embracing Josh, wildly scratched the ginger’s back as Matt moaned loudly near his left ear, making Josh moan in response, cutting off his belch. Josh got back to kissing his boyfriend, now slowly taking of his blue t-shirt – which he was wearing below his red hoodie – revealing the blonde’s bare, slightly hairy chest. Matt, too, proceeded to take off the gassy man’s t-shirt, revealing his semi round bloated gut, still kissing him passionately.

The couple proceeded kissing and embracing each other even tighter. Josh teasingly pressed Matt’s belly, which was fairly bloated as well. The blonde groaned, releasing a loud belch inside of Josh’s mouth. It rumbled like a thunder, slightly shaking Josh’s lips. The ginger moaned loudly, kneeling and slowly grabbing Matt’s crotch, making the blonde bite his lips.

They slowly opened their eyes, which were closed during their gassy frenzy, and stared at each other, deeply and groggily in love with each other.

“You ready…?”, Josh asked to the love of his life, gently rubbing his hand around the blonde’s bulge.

Matt moaned lowly, slightly closing his eyes and biting his lips. “Yes… Yes, I’m ready…”, he whispered softly.
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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

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Josh slowly embraced Matt’s body, as he kissed the blonde’s lips, drawing his hand lower and lower, until he finally reached the pants. Carefully, he entered his hand in the clothing, finally meeting his boyfriend’s boner for the first time. Touching the rigid and stiff bulge, he moaned lowly, while biting Matt’s lower lips.

After some moments rubbing his fingers around the bulge, the ginger jock finally inserted his hand inside of the underwear, touching the boner literally. The couple moaned loudly, as Josh’s fingers played around the hard, eight inches boner, his digitals fingerprinting every inch of it. He slowly slid the organ up and down, as he felt himself, too, getting harder and more aroused.

Smoothly, the couple stood up, still kissing, making their way to their bed, bumping once or twice in the walls while doing so – they were with their eyes closed, obviously – until finally they reach the bedroom. Matt lets his body collapse, lying with his stomach up, facing his perfect looking boyfriend’s complex. He relaxed his body as the hands from the ginger pulled his pants down.

At the moment the pants were almost completely out, a thundering rumble echoed through the room, muffled by the bed sheets, as Matt clutched his stomach, grunting and biting his lower lip. Josh moaned, rolling his eyes slightly, as the pungent smell of the brassy fart hit his face. He felt himself getting harder and harder, as he now bent down, facing his partner’s underwear.

Josh willfully bit the top of the boxers, and started pulling them down slowly, as Matt moaned lowly, closing his eyes and entering into his boyfriend’s wild frenzy. Finally the undies were gone, and Matt’s major boner was free. It flied around in the air, bouncing and kicking the vacuum, desperate for the climaxing. Matt grinned, moaning pleasurably.

Josh, in awe with Matt’s masculine hard-on, bent down once more, now aiming his mouth to his boyfriend’s buddy. He gently touched its tip, slowly shoving it down his throat, He kept it inside of him for few seconds, letting his saliva fill the organ, as Matt was being introduced to a pre-orgasmic craze, grabbing the bed sheets tightly and letting his man do his job.

For some minutes, Josh was simply sucking Matt, until he decided to do something different. Slowly taking his mouth down to the tip, he silently started swallowing air, as to not let Matt notice. Soon enough, his abs were bloated once more, full of air. In one last swallow, he approached his mouth to the tip, and exploded.

It started with a low, deep sound, sending warm streams of air into the tip, which was enough to get Matt shaking on his spot, honestly. Then, as Josh opened his mouth, the rattling belch made its way out of his body, rumbling in from Matt’s tips to his pubes, sending shivers all over his body. The belch lasted for about 12 more seconds, stopping in staccato like roar, making Matt moan loudly, slowly reaching his climax.

Josh knew it wasn’t enough. He started to recharge right away, while still sucking Matt’s never dying boner. He released belch after belch throughout the hard-on, making louder and longer moans to be released, echoing in the room, almost not hearable beneath Josh’s powerful gas explosions. With one last massive belch, which this time Josh started to release in Matt’s face that had a sexual grimace, almost climaxing, and went slowly down to his tip once more; when he finally reached, after 23 seconds of a slow way down, the force of the belch, which hadn’t decreased for one second, and its warmth filled Matt’s body with sexual pleasure and drove him in a state of craze. He screamed, holding tight to the bed sheets, as he came all over Josh’s face, who moaned in pleasure as the hot cum hit his face. He licked a bit out of his lips, and slowly lied down next to Matt, who was panting for air.

Josh kissed his boyfriend’s cheek sweetly, and caressed his hair. When Matt found strength to turn around and look at Josh, however, what he saw was not a sweet and delicate expression, but rather a mischievous look with an almost evil grin in his face.

“Seems like you already finished yourself, mister…”, he said wiping some of Matt’s cum off his face and licking it deliciously. “Now…”, he slowly approached Matt’s face, releasing a wet and loud cum-smelling burp in his face, which made him contort his face in a disgusted grimace, but still bite his lips because, after all, he loved that smell. “… Now it is my turn…”
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Re: Josh and Matt (Fiction)

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Chapter 19: "A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Night"

Josh slowly proceeded to move his still bloated self to Matt’s behind, slowly moving his hands up his man’s naked back, which was sweaty from all the emotional and excitement the two of them had had just the other second. Josh slowly pressed his body against Matt’s, letting his throbbing member gently rub close to the blonde’s butthole. Every now and then, Matt would make his presence known by ripping a low, muffled gas bomb that intensify the rubbing.

As the thick fumes began to waft throughout the room, the blond slowly started to moan, triggering Josh to begin making out passionately, in anticipation of the real fun. The ginger slowly placed his face besides Matt’s neck, first kissing his ear, then his neck until he finally reached his beloved’s lips.

After about two minutes of non-stop kissing, Josh’s boner could have smashed a diamond. Matt was completely relaxed, but he was extremely aroused. Josh stealthily moved his hand to the nightstand drawer handle. He slowly pulled out a small black package: protection.

Tearing at the package with his straight teeth, Josh ripped open the parcel and carefully pulled out the contents, still running his right hand on the blond’s back, while his hard-on still rubbed and teased the blond's anus, making Matt release progressively louder and more aroused moans. The jock slid his penis into the condom, biting his lower lips hardly, hardly being able contain his excitement.

Josh slowly lowered himself, his mouth now almost on Matt’s left ear. Josh's deep and loud breathing moved throughout the room. “You ready...?”, Josh asked, whispering each syllable. Matt, who was with his eyes closed all this while, slowly opened them up, his forest green irises meeting Josh's light blues.

Josh grinned mischievously and anticipatingly. Matt could be completely tired, his breathing slowing down progressively, but Josh was full of energy, and he knew where he would use it: on his very own gassy pig.

Josh slowly lifted himself up, kneeling right before Matt’s ass. He tightly pressed his hands on the blonde’s buttocks, feeling the tender softness and meaty vitality of them, before slowly spreading them apart, and touching Matt's anus assertively with his dick.

He slowly started to penetrate, inch after inch, as Matt moaned with a sexy strained look on his face. He grabbed the bed sheets tightly, gritting his teeth as his body started to get used to the feeling of having a meaty hard on inside of him.

Josh kept on thrusting in and out for several minutes; his erection rising like a tsunami. The extreme pressure and speed prompted raucous belches to fly out of Josh’s mouth, making Matt even more aroused as the heavy air ruffled Matt's blond hair.

At some point, Matt started to feel his stomach rumbling furiously. He felt like all the gas in the Goodyear blimp was rumbling throughout his bowels. Instead of telling Josh so that he would stop, Matt clenched his sphincter, allowing the fart to ripen as well as to accumulate.

As Josh pulled his manhood out, Matt let go. A great rumble not unlike that of an earthquake fills the room as heavy air is expelled from Matt's bowels. Josh felt his dick vibrate intensely. The ginger moaned loudly and screamed as the violent, massive gust of hot, manly wind surrounded his penis. Josh then shoots his load, overfilling the condom so that it looked like a white tomato. Semen gushed out of the top as the condom was way too small for Josh's huge load.

After about ten seconds, the deep bass gives way to the whistling of a balloon being deflated. Matt let out a gigantic sigh of relief and then came easily as a few extremely deep but short burps escaped his lips involuntarily (Matt had had a buttload of General Tso's, fried rice, and beer before this)

He slowly snuggled against Josh, who was practically passed out from all the excitement of the night. Matt’s hands ran through Josh's red hair as Matt embraced the jock’s warm, comfortable, and fit body.

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