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Want to meet burpers

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Want to meet burpers

Post by 1234abcd » 31 May 2018, 00:01

Hey guys, I am a male looking to communicate and maybe even become friends with other guys that can burp on command :) It does not matter what your sexual orientation is (straight, bi, pan, etc.) :) If anyone would like to burp for me and talk about the fetish or even other things, feel free to message me!

Kik: sexyhuman123431

Message me for skype and/or snapchat

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Re: Want to meet burpers

Post by TotheAc » 05 Jul 2018, 01:44

Do you have chaturbate or flirt4free? I remember seeing your name pop up on whose in the chat room. You got quite a few people to burp from what I remember!

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Re: Want to meet burpers

Post by achapman54 » 20 Aug 2018, 04:38

Hey you can add me on Snapchat it’s achapmannnnnnnn (8 n’s total). I don’t mind having a good burping session going back and forth. Send me a message after you’ve friended me on Snapchat! Hope to have some good bonding sessions in the future. ;)

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