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No male fetish models

Post adult content featuring males in the section.
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No male fetish models

Post by frank1 » 05 Aug 2017, 06:27

Something I've noticed for quite awhile now is the abundance of girl burp fetish models. Its ridiculously easy to find a girl more than willing to cater to your burping fetish.

I did a search on twitter desperately looking for male content and only girls came up. A bunch of fetish models came up as well. At the moment there's only a few guys willing to burp in front of a camera and make custom videos.

The ones that are available are just really ripped guys who flex and do weak ass burps in front the camera. Not really that appealing to be honest.

Just as a test I looked at a random girl burp fetish video and the girl could get some loud burps going. Generally talented girls seem very interested in making these kinds of videos.

Guys on the other hand seem reluctant if not down right unable to do the same which is frustrating to say the least.

It's extremely unfair, there's tons of guys more than willing to cater to a whole bunch of fetishes but apparently burping in front of a camera is where they draw the line.

I guess I'm gonna have to watch girls burping in the meantime to get my fix while waiting for more guys to produce content. :ymsigh:

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Re: No male fetish models

Post by Rosy Jade Maiden » 06 Aug 2017, 02:21

Agreed. It's even more frustrating for women because the few guys who will do it are gay.

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