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Want to show off your burping skills, guys? Got a request for a forum member? Post them in here.
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Post by Goose » 22 Feb 2016, 01:30

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Re: Hey guys! Long time lurker here

Post by Korektor » 22 Feb 2016, 21:04

Wow, you got some lung power in those burps lol :-) nice closed-mouth teaser at the beginning.

As far as a place of storage, you can try storing them in any of these places and then copying the link over to wherever you want to share them:

mega (highest storage available that I know of):

Dropbox (though there's not as much space as Mega but has better navagation):

OneDrive (original SkyDrive):

Google Drive:
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Re: Hey guys! Long time lurker here

Post by Harvinder » 23 Feb 2016, 00:39

So hot :)

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Re: Hey guys! Long time lurker here

Post by guruofgass » 28 Feb 2016, 20:11

From the very first sound of the can cracking open, I was excited as hell :hooray:
Really guttural and totally gross, I can't wait to hear some more :sodaburp:

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