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Re: MySpace videos, etc?

Post by frank1 » 05 Aug 2018, 07:53

kayvon89 wrote:
05 Aug 2018, 06:04
Was just asking around to see if anyone could contribute a little more to the Male Database? I feel like there is probably SO much more material out there that people have and I just feel like this forum there are people who literally sit on their ass and want to enjoy these videos but it's too hard for them to actually contribute anything. I mean like not asking you for much just come together and add some stuff! Guru just added a TON of awesome stuff to the Database, some things I had been looking for a while but I was talking with someone and they mentioned there must be people out there with stuff and for some very strange reason they don't contribute. AT. ALL. Just wanted to put that out there, I doubt anyone will acknowledge it but it's okay. Just pisses me off lol, anyone else feel the same way??? or is it just me??? People are nasty lmao - I am so grateful for the people that do contribute and work so hard finding stuff for everyone to enjoy, a big thank you to you guys - you know who you are :)
I definitely feel you on this dude, I try my best to share what I have and also find new content for everyone else to enjoy but some assholes on here make it so difficult. I've asked for more guys to share to the database, i've added what new stuff I could find as well as some stuff I have but I know for sure that there's material out there in someone's hardrive they don't even want to share. Not sure if everyone is aware but someone was going around deleting videos from the database so it had to remain private, you need to ask permission to upload to the database so we don't get something like that again. I do agree more people should contribute instead of lurking, I feel like i'm one of the very few people posting nowadays.

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