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Post by TacoBelch » 09 Jun 2019, 19:17

Farkles1 used to be an active youtube user who made incredible videos belching nonstop, unfortunately, he deleted a lot of his videos who were gold, just wondering if anyone has a backup of those videos. I'm talking specifically videos before this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RijUKbyCCZM
there were at least 30 videos including many were he burped in his truck and with his sons.

That would make my week hehe. greetings from Mexico. :x

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Re: Farkles1

Post by chrisgoldenmark » 02 Jul 2019, 03:18

Yes I do remember his videos, they were done while he’s driving in his truc I believe! Surely will appreciate whoever saved it and share it here. His burps were the best.

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