Cam Guys (Fictional)

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Cam Guys (Fictional)

Post by frank1 » 23 Mar 2018, 19:35

Just a story idea I had recently. Let me know what you think :)

Chapter 1

Caleb had spent hours scrolling through various cam websites looking for the one guy with the answer to his problem. His fingers shook as he typed in his question.

Can you burp on command?

This was met with a wide variety of responses, ranging from yes to hell no. He tried not to let despair flood his senses as he came upon guy after guy with varying results. Some guys who tried to burp did so very pitfully. He regretted ever wasting his money with them. He was all about ready to give up when his eyes fell upon one of the most gorgeous guys he had ever seen. His dark brown hair was cut short but still enough to be seen. He had a nice stubble as well. His arms were huge but not bodybuilder huge, they were a good size. The shirt he wore was far too tight which Caleb was sure was the point.

When he clicked, he was greeted with a smile and wave. That peaked his interest, most guys on the website were raging assholes with big egos. It was nice to find someone friendly for a change.

He typed in a greeting.

Hey, how’s it going?

The guy looked over at the chat and smiled again,

“Hey, going good about you?”

Caleb could feel himself grow hard with anticipation, his fingers tingled as he prepared to ask the question that he really wanted to ask.

I’m good, so I was wondering if you could burp on command?

His heart was beating loud by now as he waited for the guy to glance over at the chat. He was currently flexing, he stopped as soon as he noticed.

His neutral expression quickly turned into a feral grin.

“Can I burp on command?” he scoffed and immediately went into a demonstration.

He quickly got up and started to inhale air noisily into his stomach, he proceeded to let out one of the loudest burps Caleb had ever heard.

Caleb had a hand on his dick right before the guy had launched into a series of burps. He went from long and loud to rapid fire ones in quick succession. He then switched to gulping down air and then burping it back out. He launched into alphabet burp and did it all in one go.
As he finished, Caleb was already on the verge of cumming.

“How was that?” he asked

That was pretty weak dude

The cam guy snorted and inhaled more air before waiting a bit and then burping directly at the camera and blowing it.

Caleb gave a small gasp and collapsed in his chair.

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