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Childhood Observation

Tell us your stories, either real life or fictional.
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Childhood Observation

Post by purple525 » 29 Nov 2017, 08:20

I just wanted to share a memory of something I saw when I was a young child (around 8) that disgusted but at the same time fascinated me. I do believe that this may have also played a role in my interest in burping because it was something that I have never forgotten.

I was visiting a family member and we were having lunch together. This family member liked to drink a bit and always had a glass of wine with lunch - normal, I guess, for some folks. Lunch consisted of some sandwiches, fruit, and coleslaw salad, and after that we had some coffee and cake. I can still remember how he finished his first glass of wine quite quickly and then poured himself another one. I think he must have eaten/drank too much, because about an hour later, I was sitting next to him whilst he watched television, and I could hear that his stomach sounded a bit unsettled - very bubbly and airy. Several minutes after that, he started burping rather loudly. He kept his mouth closed but I could still hear it - and I smelled it.

It smelled of the food and alcohol that he'd had earlier, but different in a way - it had become slightly sour. I tried not to breathe it in because it was making me uncomfortable. I never knew up until then that burps also had a distinctive smell - I thought they only had a taste. I was wrong. Whenever they come out, regardless of what you've eaten, they stink. :closedmouth: :ymsick:

He couldn't stop letting them out - his stomach was obviously feeling unsettled - and then he stood up and said, "I'm going to vomit." I panicked internally. I hated vomiting, as I still do now as an adult, and the thought of it happening made my heart beat a bit too fast. He put his hand over his mouth and quickly left the room. He came back about ten minutes later and said nothing more about it, but I wondered what had actually happened. If he had been sick, I didn't want to know. I hoped that he had just taken some medicine to relieve his stomach and that there would be no more burping. I felt like I had been put into a state of mild sensory overload: the sounds and the smells and the feelings of panic were too much for me.

Now, though, I look back on that and wonder what it must have felt like. I imagine what must have been going through his head at the time, and I also wonder how I would react in such a situation. It isn't pleasant, but the thought of losing control like that is one that definitely interests me. One day I am going to overindulge a bit and see how my stomach reacts - hopefully, though, I won't have to face the thought of seeing my food a second time, but only of tasting a hint of it briefly and deliciously as I burp all the fullness away!

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