Mr. Rivera (fic)

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Re: Mr. Rivera (fic)

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"I'm JUST SAYING man, if you worked all day lifting giant boxes into a warehouse, you wouldn't care what people have to say about your feet. When the shoes need to come off, they need to come off," Cody twiddled his toes, his feet both stretched forward.

That morning Rylan had moved in had felt like a whole week, with everything happening. Cody left for work and Robin was helping Rylan move his things in. The new guy, Levi, had been in his room yelling at someone on the phone, then he left, and they hadn't seen him since.

"Duuuuude," Sam complained, "but they REEK! I thought nothing could be as bad as your pits but I guess I wrong."

Rylan had been overhearing their conversation from the kitchen, and he walked into the living room where they all were with a bag of Cheezits.

"Yo, Toss!" Cody yelled, taking off his shirt off to expose his muscular body.

As Cody caught the bag of Cheezits, he flipped the TV on, and tuned into YouTube. He clicked on a notification that one of his favorite vloggers had uploaded a Mukbang.

As Cody monstrously shoved Cheezits into his mouth, orange dust fell onto his chest, getting stuck underneath his nails and covering the entire lower half of his face. "Dude, I could do that shit!" he said matter-of-factly. "These guys just walk around with cameras to pay their bills."

"Art is art, dude." Rylan asserted, "they put work into their craft. Maybe not these kinds of videos, but-"

Rylan was interrupted by a loud gross burp from the guy on screen.

Sam laughed out loud. "Jesus, people really dig this weird stuff?"

Just then, Cody finished the Cheezits he had in his mouth, swallowed two gulps of air dramatically, then opened his mouth in a slant, "GUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRP". In 3 and a half seconds of beastly throaty roaring, Cody had made the living room smell like his stomach.

"See, I could totally do this stuff man," Cody said, grinning at Sam's grossed out expression and picking up a missing crumb to put in his mouth.

As Rylan tried to undetectably push his half-chub down between his legs, Cody saw him accidentally, and he furrowed his eyebrows in a suspicious expression. Then he half smiled and looked away.

Sam smacked Rylan in the chest, "This is what we live with, man. Welcome to Kendall."

Rylan rolled his eyes. "At least you guys burp in here. Last night some guy cussed me out from across the hall for letting a few rip. It wasn't even my fault! I think Rivera's supplement jacked me up."

"Damn, that supplement can really get the gas tank going," Cody mumbled excitedly, as if calling to mind a fond memory. "But yeah man that sucks! I would have gone to his room and ripped one in his face, the chunky loud ones you get kicked out of a restaurant for!"

They all laughed, and Cody belched a deep 2 second burp. "One more for the road," he smiled. "Alright gentlemen, I'm gonna call it a night before I start farting and REALLY gassing you guys out".

Cody left, headed for his room. Sam looked at Rylan, smiling. "Ready for bed, new roomie?"

Although all the guys lived together, Rylan actually lived with Sam, like in the same room as him. It was his first time since moving to college he would have a roommate, but he was excited because Sam wasn't a jerk, and he was hoping to catch some sights and sounds from him. "Let's hit it," Rylan said.

As they got ready for bed, Sam spoke to him from across the room. "I'm about to drop it bro, if that makes you uncomfortable just let me know."

"N-Nah, I don't care dude, go for it, uh, you can- get- do whatever," Rylan stuttered.

Sam turned to him, smiling nervously, "Relax man, you've got one too." Sam had pulled his shirt off, revealing a fuzzy chest almost as built as Cody's with half formed abs, and a treasure trail running into his jeans. He unbuckled them casually and pulled them free, then pulled his green striped boxers off, grabing his junk in hand and flopping it around, freeing it.

He saw Rylan staring, but he just laughed, grabbed his towel and walked towards the showers, where Rylan heard him and Cody complimenting eachother's asses.

Rylan climbed into bed, waiting until the showers freed up. "Wow," he said.

The next morning, Rylan walked out of his room to meet a busy central area. Two guys were running around packing equipment, Sam and Cody stood in the kitchen eating cereal and talking, and Robin was explaining something to Levi.

*Buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrp*, sounded Cody, wet from the milk in his bowl and lasting 4 seconds, not loud but deep and clear. "First morning in Kendall," he smiled, rubbing his belly. *Boooooorrr*. "Whew!" Cody finished. Sam put his bowl in the sink, and tilted his head down, burping into his fist *geeerrraaaarruuurrr*. "Ahhh," he exhaled.

"Chunky and bubbly as usual, my friend," Cody smacked Sam on the butt on his way out the door.

As Rylan gathered his things, Robin pulled on his shoulder. His blue eyes were striking behind his dark and red hair. "Mr. Rivera needs you today, at 1," he sighed. He then pointed to Levi, leaning on the wall checking his phone and pulling on his curls with his left hand. "You'll be with him too. Rivera is having you show the kid around."

"What?" Rylan asked, shocked. "I just got here. Can't one of you guys do it?"

"Nope, Rivera wants you." Robin started to pack his things. "Oh, and skip lunch. Rivera's paying."

Rylan suddenly got excited. He was going to eat alongside Rivera! Oh, man! The gas that would come out of him would be heavenly. He couldn't wait.

"What are we having, oh mighty and powerful personal assistant?" Rylan mocked.

"Watch it kid," Robin countered relaxedly. "You wish you had this job."

Levi piped up from his corner, "Really though, what are we having?"

"Mexican." Robin said.

Hell yeah.
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Re: Mr. Rivera (fic)

Post by Bacchus » 03 Jul 2018, 04:03

Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying this. It’s a little bit of Fantasy but not too much. I think the more realistic the more tantalising.

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Re: Mr. Rivera (fic)

Post by Aristhan » 03 Jul 2018, 12:23

I'm really enjoying this fic. I hope you keep continuing it, no matter how long it takes. ^^

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Re: Mr. Rivera (fic)

Post by ticklemywickle » 24 Jul 2018, 05:10

Please please please please please keep writing this! This story is the best that I've ever read! :) :x :fingerscrossed:

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