Beach burp

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Beach burp

Post by Bacchus » 06 Jun 2017, 02:06

So I haven't heard someone burp in public in ages, at least well. So I'm on vacation and we're just coming off the beach when another guy and little girl are shortly behind. While in close proximity, the guy releases a delicious and natural beer-fuelled belch with the hottest grunt immediately following. It sounded like it smelled great like the beer he just took down. Wasn't forced whatsoever. It forced itself out of him! His age was ambiguous to me. I'd say 18-30. I know it sounds weird but it was hard to tell. Beer bottle in hand, He had short blonde hair and a perfectly sized beer gut, only wearing trunks so I got to enjoy the whole view. So not only was the noise one of the best belches I've ever heard, his appearance supplemented it substantially.
I honestly don't know the background. It could be simply he had to burp and happily went to it regardless of our presence there. Or if he was drunk and let it out out of impulse, or if somehow he didn't see us at the top of the stairs and thought he was safe to release himself. Shortly after I made eye contact with him and he noticed me. Not sure again if it was pride, shame, or a blank stare. It was the type of burp I crave to hear on YouTube videos. Totally natural, not forced, not induced, just a man enjoying the pleasure, conscious of it or not, of his plump belly releasing the moist, aromatic air out his mouth. And the little unintentional grunt, probably from the force of his muscles contracting to push all that air out, doubled for me the pleasure of the experience.

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Re: Beach burp

Post by purple525 » 26 Oct 2017, 21:15

Beer burps turn me on and I love them. They smell so good - strong but not in an unpleasant way. I always tend to get very burpy after drinking beer, and it is almost heavenly to feel the carbonation and gas building up inside my stomach and then making its way back up and out of my mouth, to leave behind the scent of alcohol and the acid that it's being mixed with. It's even better if someone else does it and I can breathe it in even if just very briefly :)

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