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Post by whateverA » 08 Aug 2018, 19:15

Hey everyone,

so ... I've been dating this guy for 6 months (we are boys), he is super cute and handsome too, probably the guy I've always dream of, he is taller than me, he has a belly (not a big one) and his eyes are the most beautiful honey colour I've ever seen, its so nice when he hugged me. So we are going out like any other regular couples, do the same things every couple do, going to the movies, going out for dinner...well you know the list. I have always have this fetish for burps but I've never thought of telling someone not even the person I date. Last weekend we went out for dinner, he is a beer lover, so he asked for a couple of beers, when we left the place we walked straight to my car once in we were talking and laughing over some stupid song we heard on the radio and suddenly he let our a huge bassy clothed mouth burp although he did it with his mouth clothe it was really loud. totally got my by surprised, I wasn't ready, I couldn't believe how lucky I was.
he was really sorry and asked me to forgive him, he said "so sorry, to much beer for one night" , he was a bit embarrassed, but I was so excited, then we started kissing , it was a wonderful night.

We don't see each other everyday because he is now leaving in a different state because of work, but we see each other every weekend, but im not seeing him till next week so last time I see him Im planning to talk about the burp situation, I don't know if im ready im really nervous. But I really want to see and hear him burping again, next time I'll be traveling to his place so I'll stay there for a couple of days maybe we have a good time again ;) .
Do you have any stories about telling about "the burp situation" to your boyfriend/girlfriend?? Let me know or get me some ideas.

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