burps at work (male, real)

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burps at work (male, real)

Post by ticklemywickle » 27 Jul 2018, 05:06

So, I work at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and there is a buss boy that I work with that I have heard burp on two occasions...

He is pretty attractive, about 5'9" with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Really hard worker, also hilarious.

So, the first time it happened, I was walking down a little hallway to get back to my hostess stand and put menus up, and he was walking the other direction with another buss boy. Right as I was about to turn left, as he was going straight, he leaned closer to me and burped in my ear. It wasn't anything too big, it was deep and about two seconds long, but it still turned me on nonetheless. I just giggled and kept walking after that...

The second time it happened was today. I was hanging out near the kitchen talking to my friend and he was sitting next to us. While talking to my friend, I heard him sipping from his cup of soda, then I heard a three second, pretty deep belch come from him...I just pretended like I didn't hear it, but wow were my underwear damp later...then later on today I went to get an extra chair for a customer and I just looked at him and saw his cheeks puff out so I knew he burped, but I was sadly too far away to hear anything =((

I'm gonna keep updating if anything more happens with him! Hope you guys enjoyed this little story! Hopefully there will be more to come.

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Re: burps at work (male, real)

Post by cactusjack » 27 Jul 2018, 08:38

Very nice! There's nothing better than the realization that someone you're around a lot is one of those guys that burps all the time. And AHHH, he burped in your ear?! Lucky. No one has done that to me in so long. That's my favorite. Keep us posted :)

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