Stardew Valley Fanfic: Shane's ENORMOUS BELCHES.

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Stardew Valley Fanfic: Shane's ENORMOUS BELCHES.

Post by Belchboi970 » 06 Jun 2019, 11:09

So recently i’ve been playing Stardew Valley and I am absolutely obsessed with the character Shane! Shane starts out as distant, rude, and generally unhappy with a dependence on alcohol, but his attitude as a character starts to change once you (the player try to befriend him). Shane loves beer, pizza, and hot peppers, and best of all there are a few lines of dialogue in the game where Shane burps. So I thought, why not write out a fan-fiction about Shane and the player that involves him belching a lot! It would perfectly fit his character. I’m not really experienced with writing fan fiction but I will give it my best shot! Here goes:

You’ve always lived in the big city, and you started work with Joja Corporation right out of college. You often spend your days slaving away at an office desk for the corporation, having little to no drive in your life to do anything else. Recently, your grandfather passed away and he left you, his grandson, the deed to his farm that is located in Stardew Valley. You finally decide that it is time to make a change in your life for the better, and get out of the big city and into the farm life. Your grandfather left you a small amount of money with the deed to his farm to get you started with what you need to have a successful life in the valley. You soon quit your job, pack up all of your belongings, and move to Stardew Valley to take over your late grandfather’s farm and follow in his footsteps.

Upon your arrival in Stardew Valley, you meet a lot of nice people. One person in particular catches your eye one night at the local bar. His name is Shane. Shane is short in stature, has shaggy brown hair, piercing green eyes, a 5 o’clock shadow, and he is a tad bit chubby. (it must be from all that beer he drinks). You heard that Shane rents a room with his Aunt Marnie and Goddaughter Jas on the local animal ranch in the valley. Shane also works as a packer at the local Joja-Mart in town. On one of your first nights in the bar, you sit down to have something to eat. Shane is standing in the corner of the bar by the fireplace guzzling down a beer by himself. Shane drinks his entire beer down with no time to spare, and out of his mouth erupts an ENORMOUS bubbly belch. “BRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!” Shane lets out a sigh of relief. You take a look around the bar and no one seems fazed by Shane’s giant gassy eruption. Maybe this is normal for him, you think to yourself. You decide to gather up all of your courage to approach Shane and greet him. As you walk up to say hello, Shane looks at you and says, “What do you want? I don’t know you, can you please leave me alone?” Frustrated and emberrassed, you decide to leave him be for the night, and head back home to the cottage and turn in for the night. Throughout the night, you find yourself tossing and turning at the thought of Shane’s giant belch. “He’s actually pretty cute” you think to yourself. From that moment on, you decide that no matter what it takes, you are going to try your best to befriend Shane. You decide that you will go to the bar to talk to him every night if you have to.

After going to the bar night after night, a couple weeks go by and you still have made no progress in befriending Shane. You decide that because his birthday is coming up in a few days, that you are going to walk into the bar and buy him a drink to try and break the ice. On the night of his birthday, Shane shows up to the bar after a long shift at Joja Mart around 5 o’clock sharp. You quickly go up to the counter to buy him a beer. As you’re walking the beer back to Shane’s regular spot by the fireplace, he cracks the smallest smile for you to see. It’s the first time he has ever smiled in front of you, and honestly he looked absolutely adorable. You hand the beer over to Shane. Shane smiles, “You remembered my birthday? I'm impressed. Thanks, this is really nice.” You blush, “No problem! Happy birthday Shane!” Shane lifts the beer glass up to his mouth and starts chugging it down. You’ve never seen someone drink such a large glass of beer so fast. Shane lets out a big sigh of relief after guzzling down the beer. He then holds up his pointer finger, and appears to be counting down in his head… and then… Shane slowly opens his mouth, and lets out a HUGE bassy belch. “BRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPP!!! ….URRRPP” Shane laughs to himself, “Damn that was huge!” He smirks, satisfied with the enormous eruption that came out of his mouth. You immidiately get turned on by his reaction to his belch and have to hold your hand over your face to hide that you’re blushing. Emberrassed, you run out of the Bar and decide to head home for the night. “That couldn’t have gone any worse...” you think to yourself. The next few days go by and you haven’t showed up at the bar to talk to Shane since his big belch on his birthday. One morning, you wake up only to find a letter and package in the mail, suprisingly it’s addressed from Shane himself. The letter reads,

I thought it would be fun to send you a letter. I don't really know what to write, though.
Here, I've enclosed a treat for you. Don't tell anyone, but I snagged this from the back room of JojaMart ages ago.
Okay, see you soon.

Inside the package is a jar of hot pepper Jelly specifically from Joja Mart. That night you decide to head to the bar to meet up with Shane and thank him for the package. As you walk in, you see Shane standing in his usual spot by the fireplace. He’s already drinking, and seems to already be a tad bit tipsy. “Hey Farmer!” Shane yells while holding his hand up to wave. “Did you get my package in the mail today?” he stumbles around the bar smiling at you. You tell him that you got the package, and thank him for the pepper jelly. Shane’s voice is slurred, “Yeah man, it’s no problem at all. I thought you’d like it.” Shane stumbles over to you and puts his hand on your shoulder. “Let’s get some more beer!” he exclaims happily. You and Shane walk over to the bar and order a pair of beers for the both of you. Shane raises his glass and says, “Cheers! To the new farmer!” You laugh, “Cheers!” You and Shane chug down your beers, but he finishes his much quicker than you do. You watch closely as Shane puts his hand on his stomach, he moans and exclaims, “This one is gonna be huge!” Shane opens his mouth and rips out a GIANT 20 second long belch! “BBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!” You stare at Shane in awe of the belch that he just let out. This was his longest belch yet! Shane laughs, “I told you that one was gonna be good!” He smirks and sighs with relief. “Sorry that I was so rude to you before. I’m surprised that you kept trying to talk to me. You’re persistent!” He says joyfully. You and Shane decide to talk, drink, and shoot the shit for the rest of the night talking about your lives in Stardew Valley.
That night you go home and you can’t stop thinking about how you are starting to have a small crush on Shane. His burps are absolutely to die for. You can’t wait to hear more of his gassy eruptions come out of his belly.
In the next couple days, you receive another letter in the mail from Shane. This letter reads:

I found this recipe in a magazine and I thought it sounded interesting. Feel free to give me a taste if you make it. hehe.
- Shane

The recipe that Shane gave you was for a dish called “Pepper poppers”. That day you decide to cook up a large serving of pepper poppers with some of your fresh produce from the farm. You walk over to Marnie’s ranch where Shane is staying, hoping that he’ll be home from work for the day. As you walk into the ranch, Marnie greets you at the counter. “Are you looking for Shane?” She says, “He’s in his room playing video games.” You walk up to Shane’s door, knock, and slowly walk in. Sure enough he’s sitting on the floor playing games, with beer cans scattered around him. It looks like he’s already been drinking. Shane turns around to greet you, “Hey farmer! Is that something for me?!” He motions to the pepper poppers that you’re holding. You sit down on the floor next to Shane and place the dish on his lap. Shane takes the lid off of the tupperware and starts chomping down on the meal that you brought him. “Mmm... excellent sauce. *slurp* Ah, this green stuff is spicy! *munch* crunch* ...ow!” Shane devours the meal that you made specially for him, and pats his bulging belly. Shane turns towards you, and opens his mouth, only to let out an enormous belch right into your face! “BRRUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRP!” Shane blows the belch right towards your face. You can smell the beer and hot peppers on his breath. “excuse me!” Shane exclaims to you, waving his hand around in the air as if he could air the belch out. You laugh, “that was a good one! I’m glad you liked the food…. Thanks for the recipe!. You grin at him, trying not to blush. Shane pats his stomach again, “Whoops, there’s one more coming up!” Shane rips a giant, smelly 5 second burp. “RRUUUUUUUP”. He moans in relief. Satisfied, Shane suggests, “Now that i’m stuffed, want to play some video games?!” You accept his invitation, and you and Shane play games in his room for the rest of the night. Finally, it seems like you’ve made a friend that you can trust in the Valley, and maybe it could turn into something even more eventually. At the end of the night, you depart Shane’s house. He smiles at you and waves goodbye. “See you later farmer!”

(To be continued) :bigbelch:

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Re: Stardew Valley Fanfic: Shane's ENORMOUS BELCHES.

Post by henz@ » 07 Jun 2019, 13:43

Shane seems so hot. You look like a pro writter btw. Keeg going!

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