Dominant or Submissive?

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Dominant or Submissive?

Post by MrMidnight » 20 Oct 2018, 15:27

In my experience, there seems to be 3 types of burp fetishists...


The submissive are all about being burped om and listening to burps, dominants like to burp on people and be praised for burping and then both like of course a bit of both.

I’m personally a massive submissive (pin me to the bed, force my mouth open and burp straight in my mouth please hahahaa :x) and I think most burp fetishists are either submissive or a bit of both...

What are you?

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Re: Dominant or Submissive?

Post by ticklemywickle » 20 Oct 2018, 17:29

I am completely submissive on this, I love being burped on

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Re: Dominant or Submissive?

Post by Kurokocchi » 20 Oct 2018, 17:38

Also submissive, without a doubt. And, yeah, I think most are submissive too.

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Re: Dominant or Submissive?

Post by gokuanime » 20 Oct 2018, 21:15

totally submissive here :)

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Re: Dominant or Submissive?

Post by tornado1163 » 21 Oct 2018, 01:27

I suppose I'm a switch. It depends who I'm with. If I'm with guys smaller than me I tend to be more dominant. But if I'm with larger guys I tend to be more submissive.

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Re: Dominant or Submissive?

Post by frank1 » 21 Oct 2018, 03:58

I can't say im either tbh, I love listening to guys burp but I wouldn't want a guy to burp in my mouth or anything. And I'm not into burping on other guys or dominating them either unless it was a mutual thing where we both burp turning each other on.

I feel like i'm in the minority but I would never want to smell a guys burp especially if he ate something before. I can say theres only been a handful of times where I smelled a guys breath after he burped and I got super turned on but aside from those times I would never want a guy to burp in my face.

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Re: Dominant or Submissive?

Post by thegasprovider » 21 Oct 2018, 17:53

I'm on the same positing as Frank1. But I have a lot of voyeuristic traits, especially when it comes to my fetishes. I love watching guys burp/fart and sometimes watching people getting burped/farted on, but I wouldn't want it to happen to me.
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Re: Dominant or Submissive?

Post by Embers » 01 Dec 2018, 21:53

Im definitely more submissive but i like burping to be more a part of pre-foreplay than during foreplay or sex. I’m not into being burped on but i’d like it if a guy took me out for dinner or drinks and let out some big belches after a big meal and while drinking beers. The more freely and unapologetically he burps, the better. I wouldnt want him to burp and purposeky blow it in my face for EVERY burp, but its hot if hes sitting close to me and belches loudly and some of the scent blows into my face a bit. I dont mind that because it just goes along with him not caring about burping in front of me. Im not into manners when it comes to guys burping. :) The sooner he feels comfortable letting burps fly in front of me, the better.
I like it when he belches when we’re in the middle of conversation..I feel like all of that shows dominance. Its hot if he just belches like a pig all night and then makes the first move initiating sex, gets on top of me...and so on. Bonus points if theres more belching after sex, but during it? Nah.

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