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burps during call (real life)

Tell us your stories, either real life or fictional.
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burps during call (real life)

Post by sh1in » 07 Aug 2018, 22:33

'ello, first post! been sneaking around this forum for years but i just had to make an account to share this story

so today and yesterday i spent a good amount of the day in a call with my boyfriend and in both he kept burping

in the first call he was drinking this entire mason jar of tea (which he had nearly finished by the end of our call). he kept randomly burping throughout the call, even mentioning something like "damn this tea is making me burp a lot"--they were small sort of pushed out puffs of air, some of them sounded choked out. at least he said "xcuse me" after each one.

in the second call he drank a can of soda (or maybe two, not sure) and when he started burping (which was like immediately after he started drinking it) i tried telling him "say 'excuse me' at least" or "that was rude" because i knew that would just make him want to do it more--and it did. i can recall like 2 or 3 times during the call where he intentionally kept trying to burp in a row to try and "annoy me" but i suppose he was doing the exact opposite, lucky me. the burps were a lot better than the day before cuz it was soda, most of a lot louder and deeper (but still only a second of a few long)--though some of them were like the day before because like i said he was trying to force himself to burp to "annoy me."

... and i made the mistake of telling him something he did during the call turned me on and now he's trying to get me to tell him--i know he won't judge me but i'm just embarrassed cuz it's weird (though he knows my other weird fetishes... i'll probably end up tellin him some day)

but the story is: im a lucky dude

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Re: burps during call (real life)

Post by thisisdaxie » 08 Aug 2018, 20:29

Could you borrow me your boyfriend?

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