Lucky Number Seven

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Lucky Number Seven

Post by burpinboter » 11 Feb 2018, 02:53

A story told from the perspective of two high school students, a girl and a closeted gay boy.

It was the last class of the first day of my new semester... And it was English. Now, despite the fact that I have always loved poetry and short stories... I hated English class. This is mainly because everyone was lumped into this one very big class. Thirty people... And people
from every walk of life. Most of them, people I really didn't like...

My click, which isn't very big to begin with, wasn't in this class. None of them were... I was completely alone making the experience
even more unbearable... I never was the type that could easily make friends. But... maybe this was a good time to practice... There were a few people I had seen around the school, several of them I had classes with before. They were also early, like me. Was that a starting point to a conversation? I wasn't really sure...

Sadly... my thoughts on how to make new friends were interrupted by a chorus of obnoxiously loud young voices that poured into the room from the hall... The Jocks... I hated the jocks... And I understand hate is a strong word... But aptly used... They were loud, rude and so immature. And from the very audible animal like noises to the lack of any kind volume control for the their speech, I knew they were coming in.

Why were they here so early... Out of all people to come in early... the jocks? Well, I didn't want to shout over their voices to meet a new friend so... I decided to abandon the friend search and continue reading the book for the upcomming class. I always liked to be early, and ahead in class. It was just how I was raised. Despite their loud conversation at the front of the class I was able to pull my attention back to my book. This was something I was proud of... My unwavering focus. As I continued reading my book but then my concentration was shattered by a horrible sound.

A very... specific sound... Since I was a girl... I knew that a very specific sound had an effect on me... I hated the sound... not because I didn't like it... but because of what it did to me... Men tend to make this... utterance... after downing a bottle of coke... or inhaling a big meal... Yes... the sound I like is burping. I am hopelessly attracted to it. And to my dismay... one of the people in the room had just let loose the loudest burp I think I had ever heard...

I closed my book and looked around... frantically searching for the person that made the burp. But there was no obvious source... As I kicked myself for not looking up fast enough I noticed the king of the jocks walk through the doors of the classroom... Lance.

Out of all of animals that created the horde of jocks... he was the most... beautiful. He had a cut jaw... a lean
but very muscular body and silky blonde hair. His eyes were crystal blue and his skin was so smooth and without any
blemish at all. Every part of him oozed confidence... and swag. Like a wild stallion charging over the next mountain range into the great unknown... I had seen him in the halls... and talked about him with my friends... They had classes with him, but this was a first for me...
We had all decided to resist his charm though... After all... he was still a jock.

He walked into the classroom and immediately went toward the jocks and the cheerleaders. Of course he would... All of the jocks are the same. They think about one thing. Sex. And with those makeup wearing sluts... I'm sorry... That was strong... but... I dislike the cheerleaders almost as much as the Jocks. They were rude in their own way. Disrespecting their parents for stupid things that just don't matter... Disrupting teachers... I don't know... they were just soooo poorly raised. Nothing like me. And they always knew the latest gossip. Every bit of drama seemed to somehow come back to them...

It was kind of nice to see Lance go over to them. I knew I would never be able to date someone like Lance. But I knew, I would never date him in the first place because I would never like his personality. The jocks were stuck in middle school gear. I bet none of them would even be ready to take on the adult world. Besides... high school flings meant so little. When I get into college, the relationships will actually matter.

So I ignored the pretty people and went back to reading. I wanted to know who did that burp... It was high in tone... so it could have come from a girl or a boy... I guess... It sounded more masculine though... Very powerful. Like you could hear the inside of the person's stomach echoing into the room... I played the short burp over and over in my head as the words in my book turned to alphabet soup. I sighed.

I was soon soon interrupted as the Jocks descended like wild Hyeenas on poor Billy at the front of the class. Billy was a spaz. He had very little friends and played dorky games all of them time. He was their favorite target because of his hopelessly poor communication skills...

I watched in contempt as one of the pack of animals descended on poor Billy to begin their antagonizing ritual...

"Hey Billy... how's it going? Is this a card game?!" He said smiling while the other jocks began circling him.

"It's my card game, my friends and I made it", said Billy.

"That's so cool!", said another Jock... It was like watching a pack of wolves taking snaps at an aimless, sick, buffalo. The others
standing behind laughing at Billy. Poor Billy...

"Well... you can come to my house to play this weekend. My mom is making peanut butter cookies and we are staying up
and watching an anime marathon", said Billy. The Jocks could hardly contain their laughter.

"An anime?! Oh cool! Well... we are all getting together to watch an anime and play card games too! But my mommy
is going to make us rice crispie snacks. Peanut butter cookies are lame...", said Jack to a horde of laughing jocks. Jack was one of the jocks and honestly one of the worst human beings I had ever met in my life... Such a nasty person. He would pick on anyone to bring his image up and shamefully too. I had several classes with him before...

"What anime do you guys watch?" asked Billy.

"I watch... pokemon. Do you like pokemon? I love pokemon", said Jack to the amusement of his friends...

"Yeah... that is a good one", Billy was somewhat confused... He never did understand the delicate social aspects of

I... I couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't some shy bystander. My mom had always raised me to stand up when I see
injustice. And so I immediately let them have it.

"Why don't you just fuck off Jack?", I said loud enough for everyone to hear. Of course it would be Jack
that was the one instigating it. Like always.

"No. what am I doing?! I'm just talking about pokemon with Billy", said Jack.

"No you're not. You're picking on him again. Grow up."

The other jocks smiled and then Jack opened his mouth again. Another stupid remark, this time thrown at me.
"Did I make Mary mad?" He laughed with the others.

I hated Jack so much. "Seriously, just grow up."

"Jeeze Mary chill out", said Shelby. One of the cheerleaders. Equally as disgusting as Jack and also in a
relationship with him. This was going to be a horrible semester... I could already tell...

"Everyone just just up!" said... Lance... But with a smile on his face... He had been talking to the cheerleaders this whole time but the
commotion got his attention. I couldn't tell if he was mocking me... But then he got up from the cheerleaders and walked over to Billy.

"Dude... look at these cards he made... He drew monsters on them... How is this not asking for it", said another Jock.

"So what?" Lance walked over to Billy and looked at the cards. He started to laugh a little when he saw the
crudely drawn figures with ridiculous names on pieces of cardboard but then he quickly corrected himself. "Looks good man. You should go
into art or something." The other jocks weren't sure what to do... but I guess they knew Lance was their leader because they all calmed down to anticipate his next command. "Let's find a section boys."

I looked around the room frantically... There wasn't enough seats for them to sit together... well... there was.
But only next to me... I did not want the jocks sitting next to me. Making my semester even worse. I could move...
But that would be so rude to just get up when they all sit down. I swallowed and cringed as they all took their seats
next to me.

At this point the classroom had been filling up. It was the final five minute before class started.

They were swatting each other, and doing stupid, reckless, immature things as normal. But they hadn't picked their seats.
I prayed to any god that was listening to not let Jack sit next to me. Anyone but Jack. Hell... I would get up if he sat next to me. I don't care how rude anyone thinks I am. But... Jack sat directly behind the seat next to me.

Then the next worst thing that could happen... happened... Lance, the cute, handsome, buff, blonde jock took the seat directly next to me. I lost it... Regrettably... I couldn't help but take little peaks at him. His biceps were stretching the sleeves of the t-shirt he was wearing... His body... His face... and his attitude. "Oh god... what are you doing to me", I thought.

I thought all jocks were mindless animals quick to attack anything that fell outside of their norm but... Lance was...
well he was a good person. He had everything... The full package... I felt sick. I calmed myself down... "Easy now Mary... you only saw him once... He's probably a dick most of the time... I'm sure of it. Otherwise he wouldn't have these friends...", but my inner talk got drowned out by his voice...

Lance continued talking to his friends. His voice was sexy too... The kind of voice that stood out but... in a good way. Like the way the protagonist's voice stands out in your favorite anime... I had to ignore these feelings...

I tried to dive back into my book. I wanted to read ahead before class started. Two minutes till start, and the teacher was still not in. I loved Mr. Sharp. He was young, and handsome. Kind and funny. He loved literature as much as I did. Having him was the only silver lining to this friendless semester. I had him twice before, and at this point, he was probably the only person in class that I would be able to talk to. I was excited to-

Then... it happened...

The loudest, most powerful burp I had ever heard pierced my ear like a knife... It was the same tone as the one before. I dropped my book and spun my head around looking for the source, which would not escape me a second time. But it wasn't difficult to spot... because it was still bellowing out... of Lance... His mouth was ajar, in a wide eccentric O shape, teeth showing. As if he was trying to display the belch. In his left hand, was a bottle of Gatorade. Curse Gatorade... My face twisted... a look of terror guising the extreme arousal that overcame me... He was also a good burper?!

"Excuse me!" said Lance.

"You scared Mary!", said Jack begining to laugh, "Look at her face!"

The other jocks began to laugh and Lance just looked at me... He smiled. "Yeah... I kind of have a burping problem, sorry..."

"It's... fine...", I said... 'it's fine'?! That was what I said... Lance looked at me curiously as if expecting
me to say something else... so... I did.... "That was a... big burp..."

They all burst out into laughter... Including Lance. "She's right, It was a big boy burp guys", he said.

"The scary thing is, that was literally nothing for him... Lance... can you imagine if she heard you on the field." said another Jock.

"Her ears would explode", said Jack.

"Yeah... this was on accident but... I can do them on command...", said Lance... At this point I was melting. I hated
this. Absolutely hated it. Pure torture.

"Well, that's impressive", I said trying to spin it with some sort of sarcastic tone... But it wasn't working...

"I think she likes your burps man! Give her another", said Jack.

"Nah man..." he said laughing.

"Come on... give me another", he said and patted Lance's head. Lance inhaled the air... and then let out another three
second belch that made everyone stare. Lance laughed and put his face in his hands...

"What the fuck am I doing...", he said. I tried to look away.

"Mary pat his back! It helps him burp!", Jack said. He was trying to annoy me but he had no idea what kind of
trauma he was putting me through. Lance... to my horror, positioned his back toward me as if allowing me to burp him... Welcoming my hand. His thick, muscular back stretching his tight t-shirt waiting for my hand to help him release... I needed to leave... This was too much. I have never seen a boy burp like Lance... and so effortlessly... I wanted to pat his back. I really did... I wanted to feel my hand help him get those massive, glass shattering belches out of his stomach. But I chickened out...

"Grow up...", I said pretending to read my book.

Jack hit Lance on the back and Lance let out an even louder burp than all of the other ones. I imagined myself being the one to pat that firm muscular back... If I was just a little more confident... I could have done it. No one would have batted an eye. But, like always, I wasn't brave enough... Everyone bust out into laughing...

And then... Mr Sharp came in.

"Jesus who was that?!", he shouted.

"That was Lance!", said another jock.

"Lance are you okay?! What are you drinking man?!", said Mr. Sharp.

"Excuse me Mr Sharp... It's the Gatorade... I think it's past its expiration date...", said Lance.

"I didn't know that was the effect of bad Gatorade... Seriously how did you do that", he said with a smile on his face.

"I've been able to do it on command since I was a kid...", said Lance.

"Well holy crap man. Say something", Mr. Sharp encouraged him... Why...

Would this hell never end... Now my favorite teacher and other male crush was egging my new crush on... to keep
doing these horrific burps... These massive sounds that could no doubt he heard down the hall, maybe even outside of the brick building...
What was this day... Was this a test from god of some sort?!

"Excuse me Mr. Sharrrrrppp", he said in burp speak with a short little "BELllp" afterwards to clear his stomach...

"Okay, okay! I'm done!", he said confidently. The rest of the class was stunned and I was mortified. The only person pushing my nose into the book trying to ignore it all...

"Alright... well you all good now?", asked Mr. Sharp.

"I'm good", said Lance smiling and looking at his papers to avoid attention with the rest of the room. I looked back up to see Lance slightly blush...

Mr. Sharp laughed and went to the board. He started his lesson but I wasn't able to pay attention to any of it... Lance...
this... Jock... had completely ruined everything. I just wanted to home.

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Re: Lucky Number Seven

Post by burpinboter » 11 Feb 2018, 03:34


I went to the football game yesterday... It was the best night of my life.

I met up with my friend, Zach, around 5:00, and we immediately went over to the stadium. It was a home game. Now... I never cared for football, never was the sporty type. The only reason I decided to go at all was because a small group of us, Zach included were meeting up.

We moved into the stands and took our positions. Then, we just talked about life as the game began to start. I looked around at all of the familiar faces. It was a blast. But, the game began and everyone took their seats... and I knew that this portion of the night would be the least fun.

Who wants to watch a bunch of people running into each other to get a ball across the field. Honestly... computer games would be more fun, or continuing the conversation with Zach about his new girlfriend who wasn't here...

As I looked around the stadium, my focus was broken by a massive belch. And I mean, truly massive... Like... I had heard burps online before, but this burp took the cake. I looked around the stadium, but I only saw a sea of faces doing other things... There was no way I could point out who the burper was.

"Did you hear that?", I said, thinking I could get some help from Zach.

"Hear what?", said Zach.

"I thought I heard a freakishly large belch...", I said.

Zach laughed, "Nahhh, didn't hear that... it's these hotdogs man..."

Zach had no idea how erotic this sound was to me... I decided it was a lost cause and I decided to sit back and relax and watch the game again. It was breaktime again, and I heard the belch again...

"I heard that one...", said Zach.

"Yeah... who the fuck is that...", I said.

The game continued, and every now and then I would hear ear piercing belches from somewhere in the stadium. I had no idea who it was. I wanted to get up from my seat and get a better look at the crowd... Maybe figure out who was causing these ungodly sounds.

The burps themselves were silent because of the distances and loud talking in the crowd. But you could tell that if everyone was quiet, they would be Guinness world record breakers. They were piercing, and each of them were long. I tried to cross my legs as the frequency of this inhuman belching grew more and more...

The game was coming to a close, and still I had no idea who was ripping this humongous burps. Zach was laughing at me, noticing that I was frantically looking around for the source. He had no idea why I was so interested... but he thought it was funny nonetheless...

"Relax man, it's just someone being disgusting...", he said. But I would not relax until I knew who was doing it...

Our friend, who was not listening before as he was focused on the game turned his head, "What's up?"

"He's disturbed by whoever the fuck is belching like that...", said Zach.

"Oh... That's Lance", said Jacob. I wanted to hug him. For an hour I was batting my head around looking for where the sound was coming from, and here Jacob knew. but was he sure?

"Lance, QB?" asked Zach.

"Yup... he does it all the time in gym. Just unloads these burps that could clear a stadium. He even burp talks and stuff. It's crazy...", said Jacob.

Holy crap... he can do this on command...? I was looking up and down the stadium because I already thought they were too loud to come from the field. But they were... and from behind a helmet... What kind of animal was this guy...

"He can... burp like that?" I asked.

"Dude, you have no idea...", said Jacob.

"Well there you go", said Zach.

I looked on, into the field... "Which one is he?", I asked.

"Lance is number seven", said Zach.

I was frustrated that the two of them knew this incredible belcher, and this was the first time I had ever even heard of him... I looked on.

My lucky number seven. And sure enough... The player with the seven on his shirt contorted his body in a funny way and then that hear piercing belching that had echoed through the stadium all night emitted from the field.

I didn't know how... but I had to meet him. I had to get in touch with this incredibly talented guy.

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Re: Lucky Number Seven

Post by thegasprovider » 11 Feb 2018, 10:37

Now that's some incredible fiction!!!! Really loving the double perspective and the characters are pretty interesting, and so is the plot. I'm definitely looking forward to more of that! Thank you so much for it! :3
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Re: Lucky Number Seven

Post by burpinboter » 11 Feb 2018, 22:29


I have been waiting half a year for this day... Try outs for football.

Now... remember, I was never the sports kind of guy, but when I went to the last football game of sophmore year
I suddenly became interested. It wasn't the tackling... or the running... or the ball throwing... That stuff
was boring. It was something else.

The night of that game... I heard the best belching I had ever heard before. Talent that I never even knew was
possible for a human being. This came from the QB... Lance.

Lance was a new student, well... he had moved here a few years ago apprently. He never went to elementary
or middle school with us. So that was probably why I never met him. Because of his looks and brains... he quickly became one of the most popular guys in school. After that wonderful game I ran home and facebook stalked him. Thank god that his picture was up. I wasn't expecting what I saw.

So, I was expecting this pudgy, piggish young man... maybe with an awkward stubble, who hadn't shaved. I mean...
that is the only person that would be so unconcious of social... manners... and still stay on a sports team. But
damn was I wrong... On the profile of Lance was probably the most attractive young man I had ever seen... Those pictures
could have easily been lifted out of a fitness or fashion magazine. He had bright blue eyes, golden blonde hair,
and a body to match. He had that sexy boy next store look. The one that dads keeps their daughters away from
and wives like to watch mow the lawn...

I tried to meet him somehow last year after the game... But there was no way. We had no classes, no mutual friends,
and no clubs or anything for that matter...

This was so frustrating for me... and so I decided to push him out of my mind. I figured I could just... ignore him. After all
it was probably for the best...

But then... over summmer... I heard a little story. I remember talking to my friend Paul over the summer. He was on the football
team as well... But he wasn't the most popular guy. Well anyway... One day while hanging out in my group of friends Paul joined us.

Anyway... Paul started talking about football camp which he had gone to over the summer. Paul was getting lost talking
about the heat and how much he and everyone else were pushed... I didn't want to hear about this... I wanted to hear
about the burp king. I tried to bring him up... without bringing out too much attention. I carefully threw Lance's name out there...
But I was scared, honestly. Mainly because my friends Zach and Jacob knew I couldn't stop talking about this guy. Whenever the football team
got brought up, Lance was thrown in there some how. I think they were sick of me bringing him up...

"Lance doing any more burping?", I said... I hesitated but then I tried to be more confident in my question. I mean
to them it was probably just a stupid question, at least I thought. Still I tried to make sure there was no suspicions...
"Last time I went to a football game, the entire thing was disrupted by those massive frikin' burps..."

"Oh my god... dude they are just burps", said Zach. And Paul and Jacob started laughing. "This guy couldn't pay
attention to the game at all... He kept looking all around to see who was burping." He smiled and looked back at me.

"I know... it ruined the game for me", I said smoothly.

"Oh my god... he burps all the time", said Paul.... This was all I ever wanted. Jacob interrupted the conversation
but I quickly spun it back to what Paul was saying. He was not going to take this away from me...

"What do you mean 'all the time'?" I asked.

He was busy watching what Jacob was doing on his phone, Zach talking to his girlfriend over text as well. Then he looked
back up at me and began his story.

"I don't know... Like every time the guy takes a sip of anything he lets out a pretty loud burp... Even water sets him off...
and if you ask him to burp something... he'll do it", Paul said.

"No way... so he can burp anything you're saying?" I asked.

"Anything... Someone asked him to burp the alphabet. He leaned forward, made this weird reverse burp sound, then he stood
back up and let out the entire alphabet in real song time with a 10 second burp added on to the end... There's no limit to
what that guy can do", said Paul.

"No way!", I said smiling, pretending to laugh. But in reality I was envisioning the powerful burps coming out of that
young super model...

"No way he did that... you're exaggerating. He would run out of air or puked..." Said Zach, still focused on his phone.

"Dude I swear to god... It was a ten second after burp, I'm not lying. That's not all... he also burped the pledge of allegiance... oh and someone asked him to burp a song, and he did that too... And I'm not talking some sissy kid song, it was like a classical song. That one that goes 'Badah da da dummm, ba bum, ba bum", he said.

"So, anything you ask him to burp, he does it?", I asked.

"Anything... doesn't matter the difficulty, he will do it", said Paul.

At this point I was thankful that I chose to wear jeans, because I could feel them getting tighter and tighter.

"Shit... I want to see this", I said pretending to laugh.

"Well... I'm going to be on the team again this year... maybe I'll get him to do a video. I'm sure he won't mind", said Paul.

"Oh man... that would be hilarious!", I said.

"Did you see what she said?", Jacob was talking to Zach who looked back up and decided to change the conversation on
the spot. I couldn't really do anything about it. I can't just keep on bringing up Lance without sounding weird... So
I let it go.

That was over the summer... After that day... after hearing all of that... I couldn't take it anymore. I knew, that even
though I hated sports I would have to try out for football practice. Meeting Lance might be a once in a lifetime chance...
I bet there would never be a time that I could experience something like this again... I mean, he was the best I ever heard!
Beating everyone I ever saw on youtube... I absolutely couldn't pass this up...

So here I am. All I can do now is pray that I'll be put on the team. And then have something to do with Lucky Number Seven.

"Next", called the coach.

Paul was telling me about how this went... I go into the gym, the coach is there, and several members of the team, including the QB...
aka... Lance. This would be my first time meeting him... My throat and stomach was right with extreme nervousness... I obviously couldn't ask
him to burp right now... Or I'd sound weird as hell... I'd have to slowly work my way into his friend group, by any means possible.

The gym was massive and there was a lot of competition. But over the last bit of summer I worked my ass off. I had
to get on the team. Not for popularity, or scholarships... But for Lance... as stupid as it sounded he was the only thing
in my head right now...

I started doing kicking and running drills... I was doing better than most of the people on the team... It felt great! But something was wrong.
I had been there almost an hour... and after looking around up and down the gym... There was no Lance.

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Re: Lucky Number Seven

Post by burpfan » 15 Feb 2018, 08:05

So hot! Please continue :D

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Re: Lucky Number Seven

Post by davidburps » 17 Apr 2018, 23:19

this is really good!! definitely please keep writing :)

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Re: Lucky Number Seven

Post by GasWhore » 21 Apr 2018, 16:18

I am in agreement with everyone else, please continue! It's so wonderful and absolutely cute! X3
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Re: Lucky Number Seven

Post by Rülpshörer » 26 Apr 2018, 23:25

I'm loving it. I admire the capacity that you have to transmit the experience of sexual interest and arousal.

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