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Gassy Roommate (Fiction)

Tell us your stories, either real life or fictional.
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Gassy Roommate (Fiction)

Post by frank1 » 30 Sep 2017, 10:07

Something I came up with, any feedback is welcome. Let me know if I should continue. :)

Chapter 1

It had taken some getting used to but after awhile having a roommate didn't seem so bad.

Sean had been lying in his bed when out of nowhere he heard a deep rumble. He looked up at the bunk above him and heard a groan.

"You alright?" He called up to his roommate.

In response all he got was a groan. His roommate Jordan made his way down to the ground and walked over to the bathroom. Sean could hear more groans as his roommate entered the bathroom.

Suddenly a loud belch rang out followed by a sigh of relief.

"Much better" Jordan said patting his stomach.

"You okay?"

Jordan nodded "Just got some indigestion, I gotta get this gas out."

What soon followed afterwards was a flurry of belches, he heard a sharp intake of air as Jordan recharged for another blast. Each burp was louder than the last.

Jordan had his hands on his stomach, he gulped down some air followed by a deep inhale. The burp that followed was massive.

"Ugh, my stomach's so full. I'm gonna be burping all night."

Jordan reached for the light switch bathing the room in its glow.

Sean could see Jordan clearer now. His stomach was bloated, his hair was tousled and his face covered in sweat.

His cheeks began to fill up like balloons, another loud burp came roaring out. Then followed by a few smaller ones, he pressed down on his stomach.

"Damn, I think this one's stuck."

A sharp inhale, followed by more gulping until he finally let loose the monster rampaging in his gut.

Sean lay there in utter shock, trying desperately to hide his sudden boner.

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Re: Gassy Roommate (Fiction)

Post by bigburpboy » 02 Oct 2017, 01:28

Always great to read these stories! Please update soon!

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Re: Gassy Roommate (Fiction)

Post by dangerbelch » 03 Oct 2017, 00:14

Definitely a fun idea, would love to read more of these two!

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