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Friend farting

Videos that contain farting, or both burping and farting.
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Friend farting

Post by Watch_Anime » 02 Mar 2018, 02:57

So this was a couple years ago, but it has never ceased to entice me. Now it might not be much to some, but this is the closest I've gotten as far as this fetish goes. I had invited my friend over to my house (I'm still in school) let's call her J, and we just did typical friend stuff, or as typical as it can get with me and my friends. When all of a suddwn she says, I need to fart and starts laughing throughout the next few minutes she keeps repeating it and laughing, and then her mom walks bye the door, and J just says "hey mom I need to fart!" to which she replies "then go to the bathroom" and so she went. That's all that happened and she left later. Like I said not the most exciting story, but the implications are there.

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