Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by justin99000 » 25 Jun 2018, 09:43

that's not a YouTube thing that's a cara thing
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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by kfuny2003 » 24 Jul 2018, 21:46

buxombelch wrote:
24 Jul 2018, 12:38
kfuny2003 wrote:
24 Jun 2018, 01:26
Not surprised that they're gone already. Youtube has become super fucking anal about anything resembling fetish videos. So the instant anything gets reported, it not only gets deleted but the users get strikes on their channels.
My videos are tame as shit. But still I got flagged, so I removed all the words like "fetish", "milf", etc., revised all my descriptions so they were "PG", and changed all my C4S direct info to "see my studio". So far, YT has given me 5 deleted videos, 6 imposed adult content labels, 2 suspensions, and 2 strikes. RE: C4S mentions... If you, in any way, tell people to purchase videos via your C4S studio, YT identifies that as taking away their business, and will shutdown your account or give it a strike, for "redirecting people to another video hosting website". If I sold T-shirts, no problem, but videos, nope! Assholes... Also, when it's content related, YouTube only sends a link to their rules; they never give an explanation of the actual violation (because there usually ISN'T one, other than they were bothered). Considering how much YT helps pedophiles stalk children... it's MY non-nude burping the ABCs video that's a moral outrage, is it? :pissedoff:
Youtube is seriously fucked right now. Their BS AI system and ultra sensitivity is ass-backwards when stuff like that pedo shit and the Logan Paul garbage go about un-imposed until literally millions cry foul. They're trying to be advertiser friendly and they're STILL failing even with their ultra anal nonsense.

It's kinda maddening how inept the whole system has become with the "advertisers first" approach.

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