Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

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Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by carafrad » 16 Feb 2018, 21:00

So, I feel like I owe a proper, "official" explanation. It's Cara obviously.

I do feel guilty about disappearing so often. I know that means nothing though. It was a, well multiple dick moves. I technically had every right to leave when I wanted, but giving no reason for it was kind of immature. No surprise either, I was pretty young (I still am). Not here to make excuses though. It's been long enough since all this happened that I feel fine talking about it. Basically, through the multiple times I disappeared, I was dating this guy. For multiple years. He was super manipulative and jealous to an insane degree, and super stalker-y. He liked to threaten me in different ways when I made him feel jealous (it was a long distance relationship, it happened all the time). Involving myself in this community made me feel freer especially considering this is my biggest fetish. I could never tell him about it though. So, similarly to the cycles through our relationship, I'd involve myself more here because it made me feel better, especially when he'd ignore me for considerable periods at a time. Then, when he'd pull the classic sweet disposition, I'd feel guilty and leave the burping community, and come back to him. I never explained this because I was so paranoid. If anyone in my personal life were to find me on here or on youtube, it'd be him, and I was more scared of him finding me than anyone else in my life. I thought I owed an excuse but if i said on here that it was because of a boyfriend, he'd put two and two together and realize it was me.

That's why I was all over the place so much. I really don't care who believes me, but I felt the need to throw it out there at the very least. I've since removed myself from that relationship, and I'm ready to involve myself in the community again and share my burps. You'll probably see me participating more often in the forums as well. None of you have reason to believe it, but if you bothered to read this far, there's no reason to worry about me asking anyone to take things of me down. I'm sticking around. Use my videos as you please. Most people do anyway and I'm fine with that, as I should be once it's on the internet. You won't be seeing erratic patterns from me anymore, but new burping videos are soon to come. cheers

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by The8419 » 16 Feb 2018, 21:07

Sorry to hear that about your bf. I’m glad you’re moving on and can’t wait for new content! Welcome back!

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by whosurdaddy2720 » 16 Feb 2018, 21:23

Despite what some people may say you have no need to explain yourself. It's your life and totally your choice to come and go as you please for whatever reason.

That being said you're an amazing talented belcher and we're super excited to have you back! Have fun!

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by pianoplaya80 » 16 Feb 2018, 22:12

I totally agree with the comments so far. Absolutely zero need to put your reasoning out there, but I appreciate that you feel comfortable opening up to the community like that. Really glad you removed yourself from that horrible situation. I’m sure you’ve come a long way through this process. Looking forward to whatever you want to share with us!

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by Arth » 16 Feb 2018, 23:51

hey it's cool that you decided to open up to the few people in this community although you had no obligation to, welcome back and good for you that you're not in an unhappy relationship anymore

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by tehBEEF » 17 Feb 2018, 01:05

No need for sorrys as several have said. We all appreciate having you around regardless. Good for you to get out of a toxic situation!

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by sexybelches1234 » 17 Feb 2018, 03:28

I am sorry to hear about your troubles during your relationship, but I am glad that you have moved on if that relationship has affected you a lot. You didn't have to apologize and open up to us, but I am glad that you have opened up to all of us. It's great to open up to us if there are any more issues as we are all here to support you.

Anyways, welcome back to the community. We are all glad that you have returned from your absence. I cannot wait to see your new burping videos😜😜😜.

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by SodaBottlePop » 17 Feb 2018, 06:44

As a long time fan, I'm glad to see you're back, and appreciate the honesty, but you seriously owe no one any apologies, so no worries! I think I can speak for a number of people when I say we're just happy to see that you're alive and well :) welcome back!

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by RevTragedy » 17 Feb 2018, 10:19

Cara, I'm sorry you had to deal with abuse like that! No woman should ever have to deal with a man like that in any aspect of a relationship! Leaving that relationship was for the best and I know you'll be way happier being able to express yourself and not having to hide your fetish from someone like that. You seem like a genuinely great person and I speak for the community when I say we love your presence here and are thankful for the content you share with us. You don't owe us an explanation at all. As any person you're free to do as you please, are happy with, and what makes your comfortable and we'll always support you. Pay no attention to haters or those in our community that aren't as kind and as like minded as most of us. We're happy to have you back and look forward to you being able to share, express, and be happy with us all in the community! Be yourself, stay positive, and keep on keeping on!

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Re: Hey. Cara Fradette's back.

Post by Casual » 17 Feb 2018, 15:54

I hope things are all good in your life now. You don't need to justify your actions to anyone though. It will be nice to have you around here :D
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