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Fictional female perspective story

Feeding, stuffing, bellies and BBW.
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Fictional female perspective story

Post by Jude3 » 18 Oct 2016, 04:48

So this is a fictional story that Ian kind of a fantasy for me, it's in first person point of view and I hope you guys enjoy!

My belly has been getting so big lately. I have to wear khaki pants for work and the ones I normally wear started to fit pretty snug about two months ago. I powered through, not wanting to spend the money but then about a month ago I decided to break down and buy some new pairs. Since i just seem to keep packingin the pounds in my belly i opted for a pair at was two sizes larger and had an adjustable waist. I've only had the new ones about a month and they started fitting really tight. This morning was a pretty interesting experience.
My boyfriend Adam woke me up before work to a big breakfast in bed. 6 big pancakes, with sryup, half a package of bacon, a few sausage links, five scrambled eggs with cheese and a big glass of thick chocolate milk.
"Here, I made you breakfast baby" he said as I rolled over.
I was in panties and a tshirt that I couldn't feel had slipped up above my belly button. Before I could pull it down I felt his hand give it a little jiggle. "Mmmm, good thing I made a lot," he said, "your belly feels pretty empty to me."
Still groggy I blinked as I pulled my shirt down and sat up. My shirt immediately rolled back up as I propped myself up against the headboard, eager for breakfast. He set the plate down on the bed next to me.
"Thanks hon," I said, giving him peck on the lips.
I picked up the fork and dove in. The syrup from the pancakes was so sugary and sweet, and dripped with a mountain of butter. At first I savored each piece but as the food disappeared I began shoveling it in faster and faster.
*rrruupp* I belched after finishing over half of the plate in just ten minutes.
"Better slow down, don't want to get a belly ache" Ryan said with a sly smile.
*hicup rrrppp "mmmm" I moaned as I rubbed my belly, I might already be on my way"
Ryan sat down on the bed next to me, "here let me do it," he said while taking the plate in one hand and putting his other hand on my already distended gut.
He patted my stomach causing deep belch to erupt from my throat.
"Watch out, when you pay my belly like that it makes me burp more."
He just smiled again and brought a fork full of pancakes up to my lips.
After about 20 more minutes I had cleaned my plate and was enjoying a belly rub when I realized I needed to start getting ready for work. I had Ryan bring my pants over to me where I pulled them up as best I could. Once they were up over my hips I found I was having a hard time buttoning them and all that moving around was just making the burps keep coming.
*uupprrrpppp* "hey Ryan can you," *brrrrp "help me get these" *rrrppp "fuck, sorry I can't stop," *rrrppp "get these pants buttoned"
He came over and took both sides of the waist in his hands. He jiggled my stomach while trying to fasten the button.
"Why don't you just put on the new ones?" He said, sincerely.
*brrrrpppp "these are" *urrrppp "the new ones"
"Oh" he said, "well here, let me maybe help you get some of those burps out I think your just really bloated"
He came up and started massaging my belly. The burps went on for hours and I ended up calling off work that day, stomach problems I told them...and it wasn't a complete lie, but it got me out of trying to cram my big belly into those pants.

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