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The best Soda Bloat ever!

Feeding, stuffing, bellies and BBW.
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The best Soda Bloat ever!

Post by s-Brou_96 » 20 Sep 2016, 09:13


From StufferDB originally uploaded to YT by a bloater named Big Belly Bang Bang.

She chugs a two liter in a white dress and some of the burps are the most monstrous I've ever heard from a bloater!

Any chance anybody here has some of her old stuff

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Re: The best Soda Bloat ever!

Post by pu_sh_it » 21 Sep 2016, 11:40

Yes, this video had good crossover appeal from "Bellies and BBW" for people who just like belches because she isn't obese, she's clearly got a hot body and most importantly the burps are great. I would also be interested in seeing more of her work.

*Edit: These videos of her's are also available on Pornhub if you know how to find them, including both camera angles. Another nice option to have.
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