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No burps but hot stuffing

Feeding, stuffing, bellies and BBW.
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No burps but hot stuffing

Post by MrStealYoGirl » 30 Jul 2016, 03:47

So at work today, our boss bought us pizza after we had been out away from the store all day. This one girl , who is tall and really curvy, and very attractive in my opinion, was saying how she hadn't had any food since 8am (this was at 4 pm). I would say is like 5'10 atleast, brown hair and eyes, super cute, and just a thick girl overall but barely only has maybe an inch of a belly. She was also saying it had been so long that she wasn't a even hungry anymore but knew she about to eat so much pizza.

Well we're all eating and talking and stuff and all of a sudden I look over and this girl has 4 pieces of crust on her plate and is working on her 5th slice. Granted it was thin crust but it was still impressive. She then had a 6th thin crust followed by 2 regular slices. I kept glancing over and she would start each slice as soon as she had finished the last. Before the last slice she said she was finally full but felt like she could keep eating forever. One slice later, she immediately comments about how she's eaten too much (it's also only been like 15 minutes so far), but then goes right over and grabs a piece of the cookie cake and ate it right away. To my surprise, she then ate ANOTHER piece of the cookie cake. I wished she would have just kept eating til all the pizza was gone because I feel like she could have but we had to go back to work.

Less than an hour later, we are in the back room again and there is one slice of the cookie cake left and another girl tried to take and she freaked in a really cute way and goes "NO I WANT THAT!!" and she of course got it and ate it.

Ugh, so hot. This girl ate 8 sliced of pizza and 3 pieces of cookie cake like it was NOTHING. I'd love to see her at a buffet and actually see how much she'd go for.

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Re: No burps but hot stuffing

Post by MackZack » 21 Nov 2016, 21:56

Did she unbutton her pants or loosen her belt or anything like that? Rub her belly or point out how big her belly got?

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