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Getting Off On Sister Burps

Accidental burping, random burps and embarrassment.
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Re: Getting Off On Sister Burps

Post by Phantom » 15 Jun 2013, 07:52

No problem! I'm not offended. :)

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Re: Getting Off On Sister Burps

Post by John86 » 12 Sep 2014, 15:01

I haven't a sister, but if I had one, I would turned me on if she burped! I've a good looking first grade female cousin who is 3 years younger than me and obviously I'm not sexually attracted from her, but when we were little guys, sometimes happened that she accidentally burped and also farted in front of me and this turned me on very much!! I've also a fart fetish!

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Re: Getting Off On Sister Burps

Post by HEARTofIRON » 21 Dec 2016, 13:56

You are not alone. Every time I hear my sister burp I get aroused... She would literally kill me if she ever found out.

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Re: Getting Off On Sister Burps

Post by Jordan Ross » 29 Jan 2017, 22:18


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Re: Getting Off On Sister Burps

Post by Omnius » 16 Feb 2017, 11:43

I have a 24 year old sister who guys consider "hot" and she burps what I'd ordinarily consider substantial loud and long burps. She burps constantly and if those burps had come out of any other girls mouth I would have found them right up there in my top 5. But because my mind knows my sisters burps, when I hear them it instantly identifies them as hers, so it's just exactly like if a male burps, or my mum or grandma etc... So I find it borderline repulsive and I literally cringe when she's in the room and starts burping, it's like the fingers running down a chalkboard kind of cringey/unsettling feeling. Even if someone recorded one of her burps and played it to me without telling me it's her, I'd still be able to identify it as one of her burps and get the same repulsive/unsettling feeling.

Though I've sometimes fantasised about having a really hot STEP sister of my age who could burp good and came into my life AFTER puberty. I could probably definitely get off on that, step sister is different man.

And before anyone asks; NO, I WILL NOT RECORD MY SISTER BURPING :)
Forever in search of the perfect burp.... BURPVANA

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