Two burping vines I'm looking for

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Two burping vines I'm looking for

Post by MackZack » 05 Nov 2018, 21:06

I remember a vine of a girl burping who was insanely pretty. She had long blond hair and looked like she was wearing a dress. I want to say she was at least 21. She had a big belt around her dress that was unbuckled because the assumption was she felt really bloated and needed to belch. She either had a dress or a blouse with a skirt. I think she and the person filming were in some kind of warehouse. The girl had trouble burping at first, I think. She commented on her belly or at the very least felt across her belly as if she were bloated.

The second vine had two girls chugging beers outside at night. I assume it was someone's backyard. It was one vine split into different videos. In the first video they each chugged a beer and then said "One down!" in unison. I think they gave the peace sign too? Then it cut to them each chugging a second beer. Then I THINK a third. One of them belched and in between the second and third chug, either the same girl who burped or the other one rubbed her belly because she felt bloated from having so much beer. They may have also laughed after the belch or at the very end when they couldn't chug any more.

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Re: Two burping vines I'm looking for

Post by slugbait » 09 Nov 2018, 02:26

Not familiar with either, but they sound like they'd be right up my alley. Bumping bc now i wanna see these.

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