How to make my farts fartier???

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How to make my farts fartier???

Post by sub_2 » 10 Feb 2018, 14:30

Hey dudes/buddies/pals/active forum contributors...

Not been on this site for a while as been taking a break from the internet for a while and unfortunately got commited to the local nut house for a few montha due to a mental health disorder i was unfortunatley suffering with.

I just wanted to ask if anyone had any sweet tips or tricks on how to make my farts fartier (smellyer). I am not only aiming to increase pungnecy of the odor but also volume and tone of the anal reverberation.

I love nothing more than smelling my own botty coughs, particulartly while wanding/jacking. How can i make them stench even fouler.... i have tried all the usual from tons of milk, to eating treakle and honney, and loads of eggs and baked beans......

Anyone ever tried cramming / jamming food up your anal cavity so it will rot and make a strong smell??

No flaming or trolling on this thread.... genuine farters only please.

Thanks and keep on burpin


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