My fetish doesn't really fit my sex life?

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My fetish doesn't really fit my sex life?

Post by Havesomefun » 17 Dec 2016, 21:57

Over the years I've gotten less interested in hearing people burp in real life. It annoys me or grosses me out. I thought it was because it's something I'm embarrassed about and I'm sure that's part of it too but I also think I'm just out growing the fetish? It still turns me on to watch a video of someone burping or to listen to a recording but when it comes to actual sex I don't really want someone burping around me. It takes me longer to get turned on if I'm watching "regular" porn but the orgasm is always better. I end up watching burp videos because I get off faster but I'm just not into it like I used to be. I'm not sure the point of this thread. I'm sure I'll always have a fetish for burping but it doesn't fit into my sex life. I wonder if eventually I'll barely even be turned on by burps anymore?

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Re: My fetish doesn't really fit my sex life?

Post by FNG » 19 Jan 2017, 23:46

^ That's actually pretty interesting. I have had some issues with this fetish in the past and I too feel like the burping fetish really doesn't belong in my sex life. I feel like although burping videos get me off faster, the overal experience of "regular" porn is much more preferable.

Have you ever had something along the lines of burp-sex before? Or is it perhaps that you have been burned-out on burping videos?

Still, I don't think that you can outgrow a fetish but rather become less obsessed with it, I guess.

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