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Webcam sites??? help me boys

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Webcam sites??? help me boys

Post by biancalala19 » 21 Oct 2011, 05:25

I wanna start doing live webcam shows.
I wanna start off with burping with just me, cause i have a background in it... Then go to live sex. I wanna try and do this almost daily.
But I am having a hard time finding paid sites.

Do any of you know a good site that pays well like c4s is a 60/40 pay out.
And i wanna do a site that is fair on both ends... To me getting paid and you guys who are paying.

Let me know.
I'm not finding anything! lol


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Re: Webcam sites??? help me boys

Post by Skorpion » 21 Oct 2011, 14:23

From my limited knowledge of webcam sites everyone always says that myfreecams.com pays the best. They don't really cater for the fetish community, though and don't allow men on camera so that may not be the right choice if that's all you want to do.

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Re: Webcam sites??? help me boys

Post by bman » 26 Oct 2011, 01:19

MFC is the way to go

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Re: Webcam sites??? help me boys

Post by Umbris » 13 Jun 2017, 22:13

nickstern wrote:
13 Jun 2017, 11:51
Edit by Q: We found out he's just a spammer.
All of your posts so far have included this link, are you an affiliate or something?

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