Sex burping?

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Re: Sex burping?

Post by Phantom » 01 Nov 2010, 09:21

That guy (Yea him) wrote:I would say you got the better end of that deal :P
LOL From my perspective that's true. She really wanted marriage and kids quickly, and that's just not what I wanted out of life at that moment, so we parted ways.

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Re: Sex burping?

Post by andro.angel » 08 Dec 2010, 18:06

burping DURING sex doesnt really fit in for me lol. but my guy burping sometime before (like after dinner, or while we're at the movies) will definately make me ready to have sex. we do too much during so there's really no room for burping during. :twisted:
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Re: Sex burping?

Post by newburpmember » 06 Dec 2016, 06:13

After all this time she has a new erotic belching video!


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