Burping Escort

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Burping Escort

Post by Gabriel567 » 30 Apr 2019, 13:34

Hey guys!

I’ve pondered on the idea of getting an escort and (potentially) fulfilling my burp fetish fantasy seeing that i’ll be visiting Amsterdam and the Red Light Distrtict sometime soon. Have any of you ever had a similar successful experience? (Be it in the red light district or not)

Regards :)
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Re: Burping Escort

Post by FNG » 06 Jun 2019, 11:33

Hello Gabriel,

I have shared my experience in this thread: http://www.theburpfetishforums.com/boar ... 789#p60789.
I would definitely call it a success, it was extremely relieving to finally experience my fantasies without worrying about someone's feelings. In addition, it revealed some impracticalities that could take away from the intimacy if you are in a relationship. Overall, I would recommend it though.

Did you go through with your initial plans? Have you already made the trip to Amsterdam?

Sorry if my response is somewhat late...

Kind regards,

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