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Levels of burp fetish fulfillment

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Re: Levels of burp fetish fulfillment

Post by daemon » 19 Aug 2017, 07:53

I´m a level #1 in many cases (and for a lot of people)!
I´ve been at level#2 for some time in the past (and I REALLY miss that)!
I´m at level#3 (although I have NOT told those friends that burps are a sexual thing, thhey simply take this as a "fun thing" OR they do as a dare -proposed by me in exchange for a little task or something- or any other reason).
And I´m, for the past 5 years, at level#4 cos my girlfriend is quite open to my fetish so, thats great! :)
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Re: Levels of burp fetish fulfillment

Post by Deividfromhell » 27 Aug 2017, 23:07

Lvl 1, No one knows about it, but I have many Friends who burp went I ask for it, I feel a Little strange ask them for burps not knowing about my fetish but they do it anyways.

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Re: Levels of burp fetish fulfillment

Post by eskimo » 19 Jan 2018, 12:23

Level 1
I've told one of my online friends a while ago and he never mentioned it again. I've also confessed anonymously online to strangers but nothing more.

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Re: Levels of burp fetish fulfillment

Post by sub_2 » 11 Feb 2018, 01:19

Hey dude im on level 1. Maybe 1.5 ocasionally when drunk hahahahhahahahah

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Re: Levels of burp fetish fulfillment

Post by Ryanclems » 08 Mar 2018, 03:30

Omg, a few years ago was when I first realised that I had this fetish. I started dating this incredibly busty girl, lets call her Anna. So Anna drank Pepsi NONSTOP that was her favorite drink, and because of that she would burp ALL THE TIME.
Her burps were absolutely huge. I once heard her across a huge high school cafeteria from the other side! They were loud, rumbling, bassy, burps from the pit of her stomach do to the carbination. By far my favorite kind of burp. We had been dating for a while by the time i realised that dhe had given me this fetish, and it kind of embarrassed me, but one day I worked up the courage to tell her and i am so happy that I did. She brought a bottle of pepsi to one of our make out sessions, chugged it and kissed me. She ripped the BIGGEST burps i have ever heard come out of a girl in my face, in my mouth. It was heavenly. I loved that I could smell and taste the pepsi that she had just drank. Those were some good times.

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