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Sadeineed Camshow

Talk about burping videos for sale in here.
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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by dman1993 » 12 Jul 2018, 00:51

Her burps are incredible! I bought oj chug, blind date, and ice tea chug. You can email her at sadeineed@gmail.com. I paid with amazon gift cards.

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by BurpLearner » 14 Aug 2018, 18:25

Just got done chatting with Sade, and she asked me to give an update here. So she has been under a lot of stress regarding her current apartment situation and is looking for a new place, so she had been on a hiatus regarding making videos. Therefore, she can only do live shows until she gets a camcorder or camera or moves into a new place.

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by BurpingRocks » 15 Aug 2018, 14:55

That's more than 100 times the amount for any other burping video on C4S and ManyVids. Mostly every video is valued at $1.10 per minute but Sade thinks she's worth $30 for 10 seconds and $100 for 3 minutes? Is she out of her mind? Worse yet, anyone who is paying that ridiculous price is only provoking her to keep charging outlandish prices.

P.S. I can actually go downtown right now and buy a burping blowjob for $60 and I get 30 minutes for that experience. $60 for a 30 second video... or $60 for a 30 minute burpjob.

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by Friction » 15 Aug 2018, 15:06

^^, where do you get your prices? You act so childish by saying idiotic things. Her prices are no where near that. Stop trolling, and stop trying to start childish crap. Sade is by far one of the best models out there, and I can assure you her prices are not outrageous.

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by BurpLearner » 15 Aug 2018, 20:27

Yeah. I'm not entirely sure what BurpingRocks is talking about or where he got those prices. :shrug:

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by pu_sh_it » 16 Aug 2018, 03:49

skyline34 wrote:
10 Jul 2018, 01:25
I got the ice tea chug video yesterday and it's one of the best vids that I've seen. Definitely worth it.

She also sent me here as an ambassador to tell you some stuff going on right now:

Unfortunately at the moment her internet, alongside other things, has gotten limited for her for some time, and she'll have limited slots of online time until her internet is restored (edit: Sade said the internet won't be shut off until Monday but it could shut off whenever during that period). She has to pay much more for the utilities where she lives right now since the landlord isn't doing it. To compensate for that, she's allowing a 25% discount on all her clips. She hopes that with the discounts that more people will come buy her clips and it'll help her with the bills. This won't last forever so capitalize on the opportunity (she's doing this as a thanks)! There are other bonuses that she's gonna allow during this time as well if you pay a certain amount for some of her clips (note the prices listed below are after the 25% cut):

$30 in clips results in a miniclip (each miniclip is about 10-15 seconds long)
$40 --> 3 miniclips
$50 --> 5 miniclips
$75 --> ~2 minute compilation (e.g. SadeComp6)
$90 --> ~3 minute compilation
$100 --> TWO ~3 minute compilations
This is in USD, by the way.

For shows, she'll probably give a 20% discount as she might have to use her phone and not her computer.

She's also thinking of possibly letting people buy clips and shows in bulk ahead of time with the discounted money, even if the clips haven't been released to the public.
I think he's talking about those miniclip bonuses.
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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by Shadowboxer999 » 16 Aug 2018, 04:49

Regardless of what he's talking about, is it necessary to talk about "going downtown" to buy a burping blowjob. The guy is clearly an ass, and is trying to come off that way. Make a like a bee and buzz off, nobody around here needs that kind of attitude.

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by BurpLearner » 16 Aug 2018, 09:37

^^Exactly. And it seems even more suspect since this thread had been inactive until my very latest comment about her current status, not that I'm the only one allowed to comment here once in awhile, but still....

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by Ruffneck » 16 Aug 2018, 11:07

Alright guys, let's get this thread back on track.

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Re: Sadeineed Camshow

Post by guiltygear99 » 17 Aug 2018, 15:05

Add one more to the long list of believers, I had to find out for myself about Sade,
I emailed her and luckily for me she responded- (yes!!!) as she doesn't use email for the correspondence usually
I must say after messaging her chatting and asking a few questions about her belch clips, after reading reviews here on the popular O.J clip, I gave in and bought it from her, also a mini compilation of her many belches.
I was BLOWN away with everything, just hands down, incredibly hot.
Her Fun sweet personality is a huge plus , I love the way she swallows the air in comparison to other models that do it for burping, also her dainty pleasant "excuse Me's" after every belch

Huge belch after huge belch after huge belch !! The consistency she has is just incredible, I too couldnt get through watching a whole clip of hers as it was so awesome- that first OJ Belch nearly ripped my pants zipper open from the bloodrush hearing it for the first time and then looping it on replay....the clip drained me completely.
such a tiny pretty gal with humungous giant belches- trucker level
almost like the ones one hears after a night of drinking a bunch of alchohol
When it comes to belches, and overall personality , to me she is definitely Mrs Incredible.
(My preference for type belches anyway as everyone has different tastes)

PS----Edit: oH ! Just to let you guys know,
I also bought a live show for where she was Facestuffing pizza, so anyone who loves facestuffing , you are in for a treat.
As she stuffed the pizza slices , she was ripping room shakin belches like nobodies business.
Looking forward to buying a few more of these eating sessions as I was left completely floored by the belchy fanservice she gave. :computer1:

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