Recommended: TheDerpShow on MFC (2 Hot Females)

Talk about burping videos for sale in here.
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Recommended: TheDerpShow on MFC (2 Hot Females)

Post by Omnius » 17 Oct 2018, 06:48

They will do burps for 85 tokens, they drank soda then did about 10mins worth of decent burps. They also talked about how good they are at burping and asked how good their burps were.

MFC address

One is a red head and one is bleached blonde. Both white Americans and early to mid 20s. Thin to average build. Both very attractive but in my opinion the blond is more pretty in the face but the ginger has the sexier body.

In terms of burping, I seem to prefer the blond slightly better, her burps seem more interesting to me eventhough the other girls burps are probably deeper and bigger.

I recommend for sure and will probably go back and spend more money on them as mfc has been pretty boring lately.

Their only request is that you dont make it into a competition between them. As in, don't compliment one over the other. I accidentally said I liked the blonds burps better (I think her name is Daisy) and they kindly asked not to do that, which is fine by me, I can understand their reasoning.
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Re: Recommended: TheDerpShow on MFC (2 Hot Females)

Post by pu_sh_it » 17 Oct 2018, 12:19

Cool! Looking forward to check out these girls and what they have to offer.

Btw, it's more convenient for MFC to link to girl's' profiles than their chat rooms, because the chat rooms aren't always live and the profile has useful information like are they online and if not do they have some times where they usually tend to be on. So here's that link:

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