Dissatisfaction with short videos/clips

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Dissatisfaction with short videos/clips

Post by frank1 » 25 Jul 2018, 03:07

I'm realizing more and more how unsatisfying watching short videos really is. Its extremely frustrating to watch a seconds long video of a guy doing extremely hot burps before noticing that the video is done already. The sad irony is that its almost always guys who can do super loud and long burps that make short videos.

I can recall countless times I would have to keep replaying the video so I could continue to enjoy it otherwise its not fun at all. Its even more aggravating when you can hear the guy sucking in air for another burp or you can hear the beginning of a big burp right before the video ends. :pissedoff:

Long videos are far better because you get the full experience sadly these are pretty rare and most guys don't seem to like making long videos of themselves burping sadly. Even 1-2 min videos are too short for me, 5-10 mins are the ideal.

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